AOA’s Seolhyun Becomes Ambassador For Korean Liver Cancer Association + Shares Her Personal Connection To The Cause

AOA’s Seolhyun has shared a personal story after being chosen as an honorary ambassador for the Korean Liver Cancer Association (KLCA).

On January 31, Seolhyun attended a ceremony for the honorary ambassadors of the KLCA where she received a letter of appointment and a plaque. Through her role as an ambassador, Seolhyun will work for two years beginning January 2021 towards promoting knowledge regarding liver cancer among the general public.

On February 2, KLCA’s Liver Cancer day, Seolhyun shared a post on her personal Instagram to share why she took this role. Her post reads as follows:

A few years ago, my maternal grandmother, who raised me since I was young, received a diagnosis of liver cancer.

When I first heard the news, I was surprised and confused. Because she didn’t have any symptoms at all. Thankfully, it was discovered early on and she received her treatment well, so she has now been cancer-free for five years.

Because of this, I had been paying more attention to liver cancer and the doctor who had treated my grandmother suggested I become an honorary ambassador for the Korean Liver Cancer Association. I thought it would be a good opportunity to share correct information regarding liver cancer to more people, so I was able to become an ambassador for the KLCA.

If liver cancer is discovered early on, a full recovery is possible. However, there are no symptoms early on so it is hard to discover. That’s how important early diagnosis is for liver cancer. I hope everyone gets checked regularly so you can wisely prevent cancer.

In hashtags, Seolhyun added, “Korean Liver Cancer Association,” “February 2,” and “Liver Cancer Day.”

Later this month, a video featuring Seolhyun and liver cancer specialists will be released to teach more about liver cancer facts and how to take precautionary measures.

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