Watch: Kim Dong Jun And Kim Jae Kyung Tell A Heart-Breaking Love Story In Trailer For New Film

Kim Dong Jun and Kim Jae Kyung’s upcoming film “A Way Station” has released a poster and stills as well as a new trailer!

“A Way Station” is a heartwarming melodrama centered around the love story between a man who slowly loses his memories to Alzheimer’s Disease and a woman with a terminal illness who wants him to remember her forever. Kim Dong Jun stars as Seung Hyun, who wants to hold on to his feelings of love despite his disappearing memories. Kim Jae Kyung takes the role of Ji Ah, who wants to take care of him for the remaining time they have left.

In the main poster, Seung Hyun’s and Ji Ah’s gazes are filled with affection as the tagline between them reads, “The last thing I want to remember,” a succinct summary of the situation that they’re in. At the bottom of the poster, they stand facing each other with the film’s title displayed between them. The tagline on top of the title reads, “The place where memories stay.”

A set of new stills reveal the heavy emotions that follow Seung Hyun and Ji Ah’s romance. Even if he loses his memories, Seung Hyun desperately wants to treasure his feelings for Ji Ah forever.

Meanwhile, Ji Ah also wants to be remembered by Seung Hyun, but she struggles with the knowledge that she will have no choice but to leave him one day due to her terminal illness.

Other stills show the struggles of the other people in their lives, such as Ji Ah’s mother Kyung Sook (Yoon Yoo Sun), who wants to spend the remainder of Ji Ah’s life with happiness, and their closest friends Hye Sun (Jin Ye Sol) and Dong Chan (Heo Jung Min). In addition to the main characters’ romance, the support from their family and friends will add another layer of emotional depth to the storyline.

Finally, the trailer opens with a pensive atmosphere as Seung Hyun’s voice is heard asking, “Is it possible to separate memories and emotions? If the memories disappear, won’t the emotions disappear as well?” Seung Hyun and Ji Ah pass time like any other couple would, but the mood grows somber as Seung Hyun reminds her to contact him while he still remembers her.

The couple begin to struggle with their new reality as Ji Ah walks through a room filled with post-it notes and Seung Hyun insists, “We’re going to be happy, and the time we spent together will all be memories worth remembering.” However, Ji Ah reveals her doubts as her tears begin to fall.

Following more tearful scenes, Ji Ah helps Seung Hyun distinguish between his memories and emotions as she points to his head and then his heart. Seung Hyun then poses the question, “Who’s the last person you want to remember?” and the trailer comes to a touching end as it flashes back to the pair on the railroad tracks.

Watch the trailer with English subtitles below!

“A Way Station” premieres on February 18.

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