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Get ready for an exciting new addition to the cast in the upcoming second season of “The Penthouse”!

For the highly-anticipated new season of the smash hit drama, Ahn Yun Hong will be joining the cast as brand-new character Jin Boon Hong—and on February 13, “The Penthouse 2” shared its first sneak peek of the actress in her new role.

In “The Penthouse 2,” Jin Boon Hong will be in charge of overseeing the education and lifestyle patterns of Cheon Seo Jin (Kim So Yeon)’s daughter Han Eun Byul (Choi Ye Bin). Last season, as a result of the emotionally abusive style of parenting that Cheon Seo Jin learned from her own parents, Han Eun Byul suffered a nervous breakdown, with all of the pressure taking a serious toll on her mental health. It remains to be seen how the introduction of Jin Boon Hong, who will be managing all aspects of Han Eun Byul’s life, will affect the strained relationship between the mother and daughter.

While sharing her thoughts on joining the drama, Ahn Yun Hong humbly remarked, “As a fan of ‘The Penthouse’ who didn’t miss a single episode of Season 1, I’m incredibly honored to be joining ‘The Penthouse 2.'”

She went on to confess, “It’s true that because the other actors already worked so hard and did their best in Season 1 of ‘The Penthouse,’ which is why the drama saw such amazing results, I do feel a considerable amount of pressure about joining the cast. I’ll do my utmost to try not to drag down the ‘The Penthouse’ team. I will also do my very best in playing my role of Jin Boon Hong, so that [‘The Penthouse’] can be the top drama of 2021 as well. Please look kindly upon the character of Jin Boon Hong in the future.”

Ahn Yun Hong also talked about reuniting with her former co-stars Kim So Yeon and S.E.S.’s Eugene, expressing gratitude to both actresses for giving her a warm welcome.

“To be honest, I essentially joined the cast in the middle of the drama,” she said, “but the staff treated me really well so that I wouldn’t feel awkward, for which I’m really grateful. Thankfully, I’d worked with some of the staff members before in my previous projects, so I was able to comfortably wrap up my first shoot.”

“I had worked with Eugene, who plays the role of Oh Yoon Hee, and Kim So Yeon, who plays Cheon Seo Jin, in other projects before,” she continued, “and I was so grateful to them because they greeted me warmly with open arms at the first script reading, where I felt nervous and shy, and also during filming.”

The producers of “The Penthouse 2” praised Ahn Yun Hong’s acting, commenting, “From her very first shoot, Ahn Yun Hong completely disappeared into the character of Jin Boon Hong, and she took over the filming set with her unparalleled presence and powerful aura.”

They went on to tease, “Please keep an eye on the new character of Jin Boon Hong and what she gets up to in ‘The Penthouse 2.'”

“The Penthouse 2” premieres on February 19 and will be available with subtitles on Viki.

In the meantime, catch up on the first season of “The Penthouse” below!

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