Park Jin Woo and Seo Joo Wan, the directors of the upcoming KBS drama “Dear.M,” talked about their upcoming drama and telling stories about “youth.”

“Dear.M” is a romance drama about the aftermath of an anonymous post made on Seoyeon University’s online community about a mysterious figure named “M.” It stars Park Hye Soo, NCT’s Jaehyun, Noh Jung Eui, and Bae Hyun Sung.

Director Park Jin Woo said, “I had a thirst for creating young and trendy content. I wanted to do a project like that before I forgot what it felt like to be young and in love.” He added, “Young people right now are struggling with grades and future careers, so the content has been reflecting those difficult situations as well. There are lots of cases where content tries to be relatable to these young people. ‘Dear.M’ focuses on the romance and love stories on campus even in the midst of these difficult situations.”

Director Seo Joo Wan said, “What sets ‘Dear.M’ apart from other campus youth dramas is that when the script was first being written, the directors and writers didn’t just tell stories from their worldview, but got a lot of feedback and sources from the current generation. It’s appealing to the public, but it isn’t clichéd. It’s unique, but it also tells stories that could happen to any of us at any moment.”

He added, “The biggest strength of ‘Dear.M’ is that it’s relatable to young people living in this generation who don’t get to experience ordinary miracles or have extraordinary powers.”

Park Jin Woo shared how the directors achieved this effort in the drama. “I personally think that the right music at the right time can change the entire flow of the drama,” he said. “We put a lot of work into each background music. Even if the music is ordinary, we used it well so that it would fit the atmosphere of each scene.” He continued, “Music plays an important role in breaking free of the judgment that youth dramas are childish and only for young people to watch.”

Seo Joo Wan concluded, “I think that it will be fun to watch our drama while thinking along with the young characters about the kinds of values they want to have, and following along in the small, everyday problems that aren’t too extreme.” Park Jin Woo added, “It’s a campus romance drama that will satisfy those who enjoyed ‘Love Playlist,’ ‘Nonstop,’ and ‘Three Guys and Three Girls.'”

“Dear.M” premieres on February 26 at 11:10 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.

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