Watch: MAMAMOO's Solar Gifts Fans With Self-Composed Song And Heartfelt Letter On Her Birthday

MAMAMOO’s Solar rang in her birthday with a special gift for her fans!

At midnight KST on February 21, Solar kicked off her birthday by surprising her fans with a sweet self-composed song entitled “Listen to This in the Evening,” for which she wrote both the music and lyrics.

In addition to a music video for the song, Solar also shared the following heartfelt message explaining the meaningful inspiration for the track:

February 21 has come again.

After becoming a member of MAMAMOO, I’m currently receiving blessings from so many people on not only my birthday, but in every possible situation, and my days are truly happy. I’ve said this a lot, but even as I worry about whether I deserve to receive this much love, I’m also really, really happy, and I find myself thinking that I need to repay all this love no matter what.

Once again, I really want to say thank you to all the people who always remain by my side to cheer me on, support me, and love me.

At a certain point, I think I started seeing my birthday as an opportunity to show you all something and give you a more special gift because it’s my birthday, so I get excited and look forward to it. This introduction has gotten long.

While meeting many fans, I always hear lots of cheerful and fun stories, but in contrast to what you might expect, I also hear many stories of difficulty and exhaustion. When I hear stories like that [from fans], I wonder how I can comfort them… if my comfort will even be comforting… I think about a lot of different things. Because everyone goes through hard times [at one point or another].

Based on my own experience, when you’re struggling or feel exhausted as you lie down and wrap up your day, you find yourself untangling all sorts of thoughts, and sometimes your feelings grow intense just from those thoughts, as if you’re on a roller coaster… I wrote this song because I hoped that, in those kinds of moments, this song might be of comfort.

We often become more emotional in the evening. Of course, it’d be great if those emotions were positive, but unfortunately, there are also many times when they’re not.

Although I can’t be directly by your side to comfort you, this song captures my desire to comfort you from right beside your ear through song, so please listen to it comfortably.

Although the title is “Listen to This in the Evening,” I’ll forgive you for listening to it during the day as well, hehehehehehe.

Finally, thank you to everyone.

Happy Birthday, Solar!

Check out her new music video for “Listen to This in the Evening” below:

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