Park Hye Soo's Agency Denies School Violence Allegations + Announces Plans To Take Legal Action

Updated February 23 KST:

The online user (referred to as “C”) who stated that they had been bullied by a female celebrity has spoken up to clarify that they had not been referring to Park Hye Soo.

In their original post, “C” had written about a “popular actress who has a pure image” who had physically abused them in school. No names or other hints were given about the actress. On February 22, “C” shared another post and wrote that Park Hye Soo was not the actress they were referring to. “C” revealed that the real perpetrator had reached out to them after seeing the post, which “C” deleted once people continued to believe that the perpetrator was Park Hye Soo.

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Park Hye Soo’s agency has denied rumors of the actress being a perpetrator of school violence.

On February 22, one netizen (henceforth called “A”) who claims she went to the same school as Park Hye Soo left a comment on the actress’s social media account, saying, “Hye Soo unnie, I’m XXX from Dae Chung Middle School. I hope you pay for your sins.”

“A” commented, “She called my dad and cursed at him and slapped me, but if she had apologized to me at least once at the reunion when we turned 20, I would’ve thought, ‘that could happen,’ but she didn’t say a word or even say hello.”

She added, “We were close when we were in middle school, but even then, I was tormented. I think people in Dae Chung are really nice. Despite what we went through, we never told anyone, and my friends and I talk about what she did to us and get angry over it. I’ve been directly affected, so I’m going to do my best to not bury it. If she sues me for this, that means she doesn’t have a conscience, and I won’t just stand by.”

“A” also said, “I didn’t listen to teachers either, and I rebelled too, but I didn’t torture my friends or hit them like she did. Even though we were really close, she used to create trouble between our friends and leave someone out in the cold. She used the excuse of being older to turn the whole school upside down.”

Another classmate (henceforth called “B”) added, “Your school bullying days have finally been exposed. Don’t just delete the articles and comments. You should apologize, and I hope you never come on TV again. I also want to write about what you did [on an online community], but I can’t because I’m scared of what you did to the original writer. Everyone, she really was a school bully.”

Previously on February 20, an anonymous person (henceforth called “C”) uploaded a post on an online community titled “How can I let people know that I was bullied by a female celebrity in school when I don’t have any evidence?” The post states, “I was bullied by a popular actress who has a pure image now. She threw the lunch box my mom made for me from a 10-story building, mocked me, grabbed me by my hair, dragged me all the way to the lecture desk, chopped off my hair, and made me the laughing stock of the school. She even put a preservative from Korean seaweed in my mouth and forced me to swallow it.”

Many netizens suspected “C” was referring to Park Hye Soo, but “C” denied it and erased the post. However, more people claiming to be her classmates spoke up about the actress’s history of school bullying.

On February 22, Park Hye Soo’s agency Studio Santa Claus Entertainment released the following official statement denying the rumors:

Recently, there have been posts and comments involving malicious slander, groundless speculation, and criticism of our actress Park Hye Soo circulating through various online communities, portal sites, and social media accounts.

We deeply understand the seriousness of school violence in the entertainment industry and have conducted a detailed investigation into the authenticity of the content of the alleged victim’s post. As a result, we have confirmed that the posts are false information aimed to malicious slander Park Hye Soo by exploiting the social atmosphere of school violence.

In response, we will be taking strict legal action to any misconduct that publishes, transmits, and distributes malicious slander against her.

We are planning to take maximum action to the extent permitted by law, including criminal charges against all offenders as well as civil claims for damages, so we ask that you stop posting and distributing any more false posts immediately.

We are currently preparing to submit complaints against the offenders, and we will continue to take intensive legal measures through continuous monitoring.

We will not stand by and watch any misconduct that tramples the character and rights of our actors or undermine the value of social change to prevent and eradicate school violence.

We’d like to sincerely thank the fans, who always love and care for our actors, for their support and trust. We will do our best to show you a better side of us. Thank you.

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