THE BOYZ's Agency Releases Statement Denying Violence Accusations Against Sunwoo

Cre.ker Entertainment has responded following allegations made about THE BOYZ member Sunwoo.

On February 22, an online post was written by someone who made accusations about Sunwoo’s actions in middle school.

Warning: descriptions of allegations of sexual violence.

The post creator (hereafter referred to as “A”) said that Sunwoo had made sexual comments and said insults about other’s family members. A said that Sunwoo had committed dating violence against his girlfriend in the first year of middle school and that the girlfriend had attended school with bruises on her body. They also stated that Sunwoo had laughed next to his friends when they made sexually harassing comments about a female student in their class. A wrote, “You didn’t come to class and you’d leave the school to smoke cigarettes, and you’d often get together to drink alcohol and make dirty jokes that I couldn’t personally repeat. Is it not school violence if you just don’t directly commit violence?”

They also wrote, “Even if you search for all the posts on your controversies and take them down, it doesn’t erase the fact that you smoked in the corner at school, committed dating violence, sexually harassed us, and committed sexual violence against us.”

On February 23, THE BOYZ’s agency issued the following statement:

Hello. This is Cre.ker Entertainment.

First, we express our thanks to the fans who support THE BOYZ, and we are writing regarding legal action being taken in relation to the writing and spreading of false information about THE BOYZ.

There is currently false information, which goes beyond the limit, regarding THE BOYZ member Sunwoo that is spreading on various online communities, portal sites, and social media. We inform you that it is not true that he committed acts mentioned in the now-deleted post such as physical violence.

We are continuously collecting information and reviewing legal steps regarding the writing and spreading of groundless false information online, insults that constitute personal attacks, and malicious posts. To deal with this strongly, we are strengthening our artist protection system and we will take a more active response to indiscriminate malicious comments and those who create and spread rumors.

In the future as well, in the case of the spread of false information, we will take steps including collecting information and respond strongly in order to hold the people legally responsible.

Thank you.

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