JYP Entertainment Issues Statement Regarding School Violence Allegations Against Stray Kids' Hyunjin

JYP Entertainment has released a statement regarding recent accusations made about Stray Kids member Hyunjin.

On February 22, someone posted on an online community to accuse Stray Kids’ Hyunjin of committing school violence against them and verbally abusing them during middle school.

The post creator (hereafter referred to as “A”) stated that they had been under a small agency and had been learning to act, and they had attended a small filming session in a supporting role. A had not told their friends and only their teachers had been aware. They wrote that Hyunjin had found out despite this and asked them questions such as “What agency is it? What filming is it?” A wrote, “I evaded the questions and replied that it was nothing special and it wasn’t a big agency.” A commented that Hyunjin seemed to look offended and said, “I’m going to debut before you.” They wrote that after this, they began to suffer from verbal abuse.

A wrote, “There were two reasons that Hwang Hyun Jin held a grudge against me and wrote in the class group chat trying to make me an outcast. He said the first was that since I was in the seat in the back, he didn’t like that I told him to close the back door. He wrote in a message, ‘Close it yourself, why are you telling others to close it?’ so I replied, ‘You all are the ones who are opening it, so why should I close it?’ However, the only replies I received were messages like, ‘Am I your servant?'”

A continued, “The second reason was that there was a time when there was not enough school lunch and my friend who was on lunch duty couldn’t receive a full amount of lunch, and since I had received relatively more, we ate together. He said ‘I don’t like that you received a lot of lunch. It’s because of you that other students can’t eat lunch’ and he criticized me and ridiculed me for reasons that seem somewhat unbelievable and incredibly childish now.”

A stated that Hyunjin and other male students invited A into a class group chat and verbally abused A, saying comments like, “You’re like *, you look like that because you have no mom,” made sexually harassing comments, and said insults about their family members.

On February 23, JYP Entertainment issued the following statement:

Hello. This is JYPE.

We are releasing our statement regarding the issue related to Hyunjin that is spreading on various online communities.

First, our company is doing our best to confirm the truth regarding this issue.

We are listening to the opinions of people from the school that the member attended as well as the opinions of other acquaintances regarding the issues that were raised, and we are also considering listening directly to the opinion of the writer, if they allow it.

However, we have confirmed that there are many untrue parts of the post that is currently spreading indiscriminately, and we have identified people who are purposely creating malicious rumors and disseminating them. We will conduct a detailed investigation through various routes and find the undistorted, exact truth. We plan to take legal action regarding the spread of false information.

We will do our best for the protection of our artist by finding the clear truth, and we will take strong action regarding the spreading of false rumors.

Thank you.

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