Update: HyunA Personally Denies School Violence Accusations + P NATION Shares Statement

Updated February 23 KST:

On February 23, HyunA’s agency P NATION issued a statement regarding the recent accusations made about the artist.

The statement is as follows:

Hello. This is P NATION.

We inform you that that the suspicions surrounding HyunA and the issues related to this that have been raised online are false.

HyunA began her career on television when she was 8 years old, so she’s received attention since she was young. She was not able to have a normal school life, and when she was young, HyunA experienced some difficult times due to that. Since her childhood when she was preparing to debut up until now after her debut, there have been falsehoods that become a topic of conversation as though they are true, but HyunA thought of this as something that she had to deal with as a singer who receives a generous amount of love from fans.

However, we want to state our position clearly, as we are aiming to prevent the tarnishing of our artist’s reputation and also emotional pain due to false rumors and suspicions.

We reiterate that HyunA never used violence against someone or caused harm, and the recent claims are not true.

We will respond with a principled, firm stance to the spread of false rumors and the indiscriminate raising of suspicions.

We express our gratitude to HyunA’s loving fans, and we will due our best in return for their support and trust. Thank you.

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Original Article:

HyunA has responded to accusations of school violence made against herself.

An anonymous person (hereafter referred to as “A”) took to an online forum on February 23 to write an accusatory post identifying HyunA as a perpetrator of school violence. Starting with, “HyunA, I thought you would reach out to me first. Is it that you don’t remember, that you’re pretending not to know, or do you even think about it?” the post went on to claim how HyunA practiced school violence on the writer.

A continued, “Maybe it’s because you became an idol at such a young age. All of the evidence that points to you is gone. These days, it’s Cyworld, Instagram, and KakaoTalk, but you debuted when you were so young. I remember you went into Wonder Girls at the same time all your photos on Buddy Buddy and Cyworld disappeared.”

A added, “I still remember the day of the elementary school festival in fifth grade. You and your friends called me to the back of the school, and if I didn’t come, asking since when we were friends and that I never had a friend like you, you said you’d come to my house. When I went, I remember there were three of you including you, and you took turns slapping me across the face. I also remember how you took my glasses off and threw them because it was uncomfortable if they were on my face..”

Finally, A stated, “The reason I couldn’t say this before is because I didn’t have any evidence and because I questioned who would believe me. The only evidence I have is the graduation album from our elementary school so I wonder if anyone will believe me now, but I get so frustrated when I see you come out on TV like nothing’s wrong. Are you even regretting what you did??”

Along with the post, A added HyunA’s graduation photos, in one of which HyunA’s face was ripped out. A explained, “The damaging of HyunA’s photo was not done by me. I once took my graduation album to junior high school after hearing that she had debuted, and other students in the class that did not have good relationships with HyunA damaged it.”

On February 23, HyunA took to her Instagram to post the following statement denying the claims:

It’s been over 10 years and now almost 14 years since I debuted and received so much love. Sometimes, when I received incredibly inappropriate expressions of attention, since I’m an imperfect human too, I used to have those thoughts. I would get mad, but think to myself that I should laugh it off since this is a job I chose and just assume that it’s attention. Or, I would even understand. They might just not like who I am. But, I don’t want myself, who gets hurt and gets over it each time, or my fans, who try to pretend like they’re used to it too and support me on stage and on TV without a reason, to get hurt anymore. Finally now, at thirty years old and with difficulty, I want to share this story. I debuted at the young age of 15 and received lots of love. I am grateful for this and would like to continue sharing this warm love, even though it may be lacking, and learning just like now. To continue, although I probably have much more I can tell you, since you may want to hear about it, starting as a supporting child actor at the age of eight and as a trainee at an entertainment company at the age of 12 in fifth grade, I grew up developing my dream of becoming a singer. Because of this, my school life, now that I’m sharing about it, was something I always wanted more from. I had to get on the bus to the company as soon as school was over, and with my young way of thinking, I felt like I was robbed of the moments I could build memories and experiences that I could only gain at that particular time. So what I want to say is, I have never slapped someone on the cheek or hit anyone. I hope that whoever wrote the post will have more happiness come find them.”

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Hyun Ah(@hyunah_aa)님의 공유 게시물

Korea is recently seeing a social movement of victims of school violence and bullying coming forward about their experiences. This comes after famous Korean volleyball athletes, twins Lee Jae Yeong and Lee Da Yeong, were revealed to have bullied their classmates in their school days and were ultimately removed from the national team.

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