YooA Talks About Expressing Her Different Personas, Oh My Girl's Success, And More

Oh My Girl’s YooA shot a pictorial for the magazine Esquire.

In the accompanying interview, YooA talked about Oh My Girl’s success, her desire to express her different personas, and more.

About “Running Girls,” a reality show in which she and Sunmi, Chungha, EXID’s Hani, and LOONA’s Chuu formed a running crew together, she said, “We all became friends. We still contact each other often. We talk about ordinary things, but recently Chungha and Sunmi both made comebacks. They shared their songs with us and asked us our opinions. I also ask them questions about things I’m curious about at work. We’re all sincerely cheering each other on.”

Asked if she had a desire to become a producer, YooA said, “I think that rather than having a genius for producing, I’m the type of artist who likes to express something. I want to express something about me. I know what suits me. Does this suit me, can I pull this off, and if I can’t is it something I can make up through hard work? I like to imagine things. Because I imagine things in detail, I’m also clear about my judgments. I don’t think I have a particular talent for producing, but I like to suggest ideas. Things like, ‘I feel like this, so what if we try this?'”

About the success of Oh My Girl’s “Nonstop” and “Dolphin” in 2020, she said, “Even when no one knew who Oh My Girl was, I knew that my members were people who would succeed. We were a group that knew our own color, and each member was the type to self-reflect and grow from that reflection. But now I think more people are recognizing that fact. It’s important that our promotions went well. Even if you know that you’re a good person, if nobody around you recognizes that fact, then you can start to doubt yourself. We’ve all experienced those doubts, but our fans helped us get through it.”

The interviewer asked her about her multiple names. YooA asked her “Running Girls” castmates to call her “Si Ah,” but also said that her real name was “Yoo Yeon Ju.” She explained, “When I started to promote, my parents went to the naming specialist and was told that Yeon Ju didn’t feel quite right. The name that resulted from that session was ‘Yoo Si Ah.’ That name got shortened to ‘YooA’ for promotions. ‘Sha Sha’ is a nickname of Si Ah. A lot of people call me different things, but I like it. I feel like I have a lot of different personas within me, including ones that I don’t know. There’s a side of me when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m eating good food. Sometimes I’ll think one way while listening to a song, sometimes I’ll go in the opposite direction. I don’t want to set limits on the transformations I can experience. I am this kind of person as Si Ah, that kind of person as YooA, and I was this kind of person when I was Yeon Ju.

She shared, “I think it’s fun that I can be so many different people. I like to express things: through writing, through art, through speech. Sometimes people can react like, ‘What’s with her?’ People who don’t know me can think me a cold person. At home, I act cute with my family, dancing alone on the sofa, and sticking close to my mom when she does dishes. But there are dark parts of me when I feel a lot of loneliness. Even to people who know me well, I can seem a bit unusual.”

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