“Love Alarm” has released an emotional trailer for its upcoming second season!

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, “Love Alarm” is a romance drama set in an alternate reality where people find love through an application that alerts users when someone within a 10-meter radius has feelings for them. In the highly-anticipated second season of the drama, which is set four years after the first season, the app has gained a new feature in which users can see a list of “people whom you will like” and “people who will like you.”

On February 26, Netflix unveiled a preview of “Love Alarm 2” that offers a sneak peek of the tense ongoing love triangle between Kim Jo Jo (played by Kim So Hyun), Hwang Sun Oh (played by Song Kang), and Lee Hye Young (played by Jung Ga Ram). The clip begins with Kim Jo Jo saying, “A world in which if you like someone, their alarm must ring.”

Kim Jo Jo then asks Lee Hye Young why he’s in such a good mood, and he reveals that her name popped up on his list of “people who will like you.” That alone is enough to make Lee Hye Young happy, and he reminds her, “I promised to make your love alarm ring 10 times a day, remember?”

However, their relationship is complicated by the return of Hwang Sun Oh, who turns out to still have feelings for Kim Jo Jo after she broke his heart years ago. Kim Jo Jo says in amazement, “Sun Oh still rings my love alarm.”

Lee Hye Young declares that he doesn’t care that Kim Jo Jo still doesn’t ring his love alarm, saying, “It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t ring. Because even waiting for it is something that I’m doing together with Jo Jo.” Meanwhile, Kim Jo Jo worriedly realizes, “I thought I’d be fine if I just hid my own feelings, but I’m weighing down Hye Young’s and Sun Oh’s hearts, too.”

Hwang Sun Oh goes on to tell Kim Jo Jo, “From now on, I’m only going to believe what I see in your eyes,” before leaning in for a kiss.

Kim Jo Jo tearfully asks, “You fool, aren’t you angry?” and Lee Hye Young says, “I was willing to wait for you, no matter what. I told you that it was okay as long as your feelings were sincere.” Meanwhile, Hwang Sun Oh yells as Kim Jo Jo walks away, “You still like me!”

The trailer ends with Kim Jo Jo asking in tears, “Can you tell me? Who do I like right now?”

“Love Alarm 2” will premiere on March 12. In the meantime, check out the new trailer below!

While you wait for “Love Alarm 2,” watch Kim So Hyun in her current drama “River Where the Moon Rises” with subtitles here:

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