Watch: SHINee And IU Cover Each Other's Songs, Reminisce About Their Early Debut Days, And More

SHINee appeared as guests on IU’s web talk show “IU’s Palette”!

As fellow artists who debuted in 2008, SHINee and IU talked about seeing each other at music shows back in the day. IU shared that whenever SHINee was having their rehearsal, all of the other performers of the day would come out to watch, as it was rare at the time for a rookie group to be skilled at both dancing in sync and singing live at the same time. SHINee then explained that IU was also the talk of the town for being a skilled female vocalist when she debuted a few months after SHINee.

In the early stages of their careers, IU and the SHINee members have had a few opportunities to collaborate. With Taemin, IU had a duet stage at MBC’s Korean Music Wave in Bangkok in 2012. IU revealed that they had not rehearsed together until the day of the performance, and Taemin laughed as he remembered how they had pretended to make eye contact.

The same year, IU made a special appearance on “Salamander Guru and the Shadows,” a sitcom Minho was starring in. IU recalled how shocked she was by Minho’s small face and big eyes.

IU revealed for the first time that Onew is her favorite male vocalist, explaining that his boyish, straightforward tone deeply resonated with her. She expressed her hopes to collaborate with him some day.

Asked to pick their song that has the best performance, SHINee picked “Sherlock” for its impact and novelty at the time of its release.

For “IU’s Palette,” IU and SHINee prepared a live version of one of each other’s songs, and interestingly, IU had chosen “Sherlock.” After IU’s electrifying rendition of “Sherlock,” SHINee shared their emotional take on IU’s “Dear Name.”

SHINee also talked about their long-awaited “Don’t Call Me” comeback and the group’s viral videos. The group then showcased a live performance of “Kind” from their latest album, and the program came to a close with IU sharing a message to SHINee World (SHINee’s fandom) and SHINee sharing a few words for UAENA (IU’s fandom).

Watch the full episode with English subtitles below!

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