Brave Girls Shares Their Thoughts On Sudden Chart Resurgence Of Their Song

Brave Girls’ “Rollin'” is seeing a resurgence on the music charts!

As of March 1 at 12:30 a.m. KST, “Rollin'” is ranked at No. 1 on Bugs’ realtime chart, No. 3 on Genie’s realtime chart, No. 29 on FLO’s realtime chart, and No. 90 on Melon’s 24Hits. The song first hit No. 1 on Bugs on February 27.

“Rollin’,” which was first released in March 2017, went viral after a YouTuber shared an edited video of Brave Girls’ performances of the song along with YouTube comments. The song is also known to be popular among soldiers serving in the military.

In an interview with tvX, the Brave Girls members shared their thoughts on their song’s sudden resurgence.

Minyoung said, “We couldn’t believe that a song that we released so long ago was suddenly back in on the music charts. We were bewildered and didn’t know how to react.”

Yujeong added, “We still can’t believe it? Us? Suddenly? Like that. I’m a dreamer, so I’ve often imagined what it would be like to hit No. 1. But now that our song has suddenly risen back on the charts and we’ve actually ranked No. 1, I feel both dumbfounded and overjoyed. It was our dream to chart on Melon, and I’m so emotional by this that I can only say that I’m grateful.”

Eunji said, “Like the members said, we were all bewildered. We never dreamed that ‘resurgence’ was a word that could apply to us. This song is four years old, but so many people showed it love that we ranked No. 1 on Bugs and entered Melon’s 24Hits. It’s been a fun experience.”

Yuna said, “We were dumbfounded at suddenly being on the receiving end of so much interest, but we’re also deeply grateful to those who have shown us interest and sent us such kind and affectionate words.”

Minyoung said, “We’ve promoted on music shows before, but we never got results as good as we wanted, so we had a lot of worries. It’s fascinating to see that people are getting to know us little by little. We want to continue working hard and think about how we can appeal to the general public.”

Yujeong said, “A restaurant that people don’t know is good usually has good rapport with its customers. I believe that we have a strong relationship with our fans, who are always cheering us on, as well as the soldiers in the military. I hope that we can create strong relationships with more people from now on.”

Eunji said, “We have even more amazing songs that are hidden in our discography. I hope that people will listen to more of our songs after being introduced to us through ‘Rollin’.'” Yuna added, “‘Rollin” is a song that all the members love and always regretted that it didn’t get more attention, so we’re happier than we can express at the thought that people have gotten to know it, no matter how late it is.”

Brave Girls is known for being the girl group founded by the producer Brave Brothers. Minyoung said, “When our song first began to surge on the charts, [Brave Brothers] sent me a screenshot and wrote, ‘Minyoung, you’ve seen this, right?’ He’s always looking out for us.” Yujeong said, “He even told us to pray. The CEO [Brave Brothers] always wants the best for us. I really hope that we can become a source of success for him rather than a thorn in his side.” Eunji said, “We’ve made plans to share a meal with him. I think he’ll show us more of his reaction then.” Yuna said, “He told us to keep fit and build up our stamina. I think he was really happy.”

About the viral YouTube video in question, Eunji said, “When we first saw the video, the members laughed about it together in the group chat. We had no idea that people had written such fun comments on our performance videos. We’re very grateful to the person who first uploaded the YouTube video along with the people who enjoyed watching it.”

The members shared their hopes to perform the song again, like EXID did with “Up and Down” during their own resurgence. Minyoung said, “All the members are hungry to perform again after COVID-19 limited the number of performances we could do. If the chance arises, I’d like to have perform again in front of the soldiers or the public and enjoy ourselves on stage.” Yuna added, “Once COVID-19 is over, we really want to meet with our fans.”

“Rollin'” is an up-tempo song that embraces the tropical house EDM genre. It features refreshing vocals from the members as well as an addictive chorus. Check out the dance version below!

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