HyunA and DAWN Talk About Their Five-Year Relationship On

On the February 28 episode of SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling,” HyunA and DAWN appeared as guests!

The celebrity mothers on the show shared their warm admiration for the couple’s relationship. HyunA and DAWN have been dating since May 2016 and went public with their relationship in August 2018.

DAWN said, “When she calls me by my real name, I get chills. My real name is Kim Hyo Jong, but she usually calls me by a term of endearment or just ‘DAWN.’ If I do something wrong, though, she’ll call me by my real name. It’s scary to be called by your full name, but the final ‘Hyo Jong’ is really scary too.”

HyunA said, “I usually call him jagi [a term of endearment like ‘honey’ or ‘darling’], but if I catch him at something, I’ll call him ‘Hyo Jong.’ He catches on right away when I do that.” DAWN added, “I suddenly get a lot of thoughts in my head. I start to review everything I did since that morning.”

DAWN and HyunA were asked about their parents’ reactions to their relationship. HyunA admitted that DAWN might look like a surprising choice for her on the surface, but added, “My parents know how much he takes care of me. It took them some time to open up their hearts, but I also have that kind of vibe. We’re a good match.” DAWN added humorously, “There’s an upside. I can give off a bad first impression, so the more you get to know me, the more you realize, ‘Oh, he’s better than expected.'”

HyunA said, “My dad’s never acted tough in front of me, but there is something different. I didn’t know this, but apparently he takes [DAWN] aside to give him hints. I’ve never seen it myself.” DAWN said, “He gives me a lot of good advice. Now if I’m curious about something, I’ll ask him. Of course, because of the vibe I give off, he was very suspicious of me at first.”

HyunA shared that the couple sometimes goes to fortunetellers together and said, “We were told once that we had met and broken up in a previous life before getting together in this one.” DAWN said, “The funny thing was that the fortuneteller said that HyunA was a general in a previous life, whereas I was a famous gisaeng [courtesan].”

The couple were asked a common question on the show, which is about the “expiration period” of love. HyunA said, “I don’t think there is one. I think that the expiration date is ‘today.’ I believe that love renews itself every day. I love like every day could be the last.”

DAWN said, “I think that the ‘expiration date’ is not about love but about that heart-fluttering feeling. Anyone can feel their heart flutter for anyone, whether it’s someone you met in the past or might meet in the future. But love only expires when you give up on it. When the heart-fluttering period is over, you tend to get into more conflicts and sometimes get hurt. But as long as you believe that you want to be with this person in your heart, there is no ‘expiration date’ for love.”

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