Update: Choi Ye Bin's Accuser Takes Down Post + Agency Withdraws Threat Of Legal Action

Updated March 4 KST: 

Choi Ye Bin’s agency will no longer be taking legal action after the person who accused the actress of school violence took down their post.

On March 3, YTN Star reported that the post in an online forum accusing “The Penthouse” actress Choi Ye Bin of school violence had been taken down.

In this post, the person claiming to be Choi Ye Bin’s middle school classmate alleged that the actress had verbally assaulted and ostracized them. In response, Choi Ye Bin’s agency, J,WIDE-Company, denied the allegations after checking with the actress and her acquaintances from that time. The agency also stated they would take legal action against those who spread these rumors.

After YTN Star confirmed that the post had been taken down, a source from J,WIDE-Company stated to the media outlet, “The person who wrote the post took it down. When the post first came up, we checked with Choi Ye Bin herself as well as her friends from that time. We have decided that we will no longer pursue a lawsuit. However, we will continue to actively monitor for false rumors about the actress.”

Choi Ye Bin is currently appearing in the SBS drama “The Penthouse 2.”

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Original Article: 

Choi Ye Bin’s agency has released an official statement denying allegations of school bullying made against the actress.

On March 1, J,WIDE-Company issued a statement in response to an online community post written by someone who claimed to have been bullied by Choi Ye Bin in middle school. In addition to denying the allegations, the agency warned that it would be taking legal action against false rumors.

Earlier in the day, an individual who claimed to have gone to middle school with Choi Ye Bin wrote in an online community post that they had been reminded of the past after seeing the actress in “The Penthouse 2.”

The accuser wrote, “I was watching TV while eating at my friend’s house, and you showed up in a drama that they say is popular these days? Your face was a little different from middle school, and it was a dark scene, so I wasn’t sure at first. But after seeing you talk and get angry at someone in the drama, it was exactly the same as how you acted towards me, so I knew it was you.

“On the first day of middle school, you asked me to be your friend after transferring to our school. When you approached me in your navy North Face 800 padded jacket, I still thought that you were a kind and innocent kid. So because I had moved to that neighborhood a little earlier than you and already had friends, I introduced you to all my good friends, right?”

“But you and my closest friend teamed up and made me an outcast,” they went on. “When my closest friend was in elementary school, she almost became an outcast, and I became an outcast together with her to stay close friends with her. I don’t know what you said, but the very next day, she started ignoring me like I wasn’t there?

“I still don’t know the reason why you tormented me like that. What did I do to you that was so wrong?”

“Since we were never in the same class, I avoided you as much as possible and tried not to go out into the hallway,” they continued. “But when I went to get water from the hallway, the entire time I was walking, you cursed in my ear, saying, ‘Die, so-and-so. Why do you come to school?'”

The writer of the post went on to claim that Choi Ye Bin had already apologized to them by text in their third year of middle school, but that someone else had forced her to do so.

“I know that you treat the people around you kindly, while acting innocent and being nice to them, because I was once your friend,” they wrote. “But then you suddenly changed and began tormenting me for no reason, and in my mid-twenties, I still don’t know why.”

J,WIDE-Company then responded with the following statement:

Hello, this is J,WIDE-Company.

First, we sincerely apologize for the fact that we have given many people cause for concern through this unfortunate matter related to actress Choi Ye Bin.

We are making a statement to inform you of our company’s position regarding the current online community post related to Choi Ye Bin.

We first learned of the post’s content after it was uploaded, and the first thing we did was to check with the actress herself whether it was true. After checking, we learned that the truth was different from what the writer of the post had claimed. We also decided that we could not determine the precise truth based on the actress’s personal memories alone, so we checked with other people and acquaintances who were around [back then], but everyone confirmed that the truth was different from the content of the post.

We are informing you that we will be doing our utmost to prevent more people from becoming victims in the future due to this matter.

Additionally, we are informing you that we will be taking legal action against those who thoughtlessly spread this content and those who invent or share malicious rumors.

Thank you.

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