THE BOYZ's Hyunjae And Juyeon Share Their Thoughts On Fashion, Goals For Mnet's

THE BOYZ’s Juyeon and Hyunjae are charismatic for Allure magazine!

Juyeon and Hyunjae both showcased their individual charms while also posing with stylish accessories and eye-catching nail art. Regarding the nail art, Juyeon shared, “This is my first time trying something like this since I was born. It seems like a waste to erase it right away, so I’m just going to leave it be.” Hyunjae commented, “I thought nail art just involved nail polish, but I learned that there were easy-to-use stickers. It’s my first time doing something to my nails besides dying them with balsam flowers when I was young.”

Juyeon shared that he was the type to meet the staff members he’ll be working with first because he’s curious to see who he is working with. Hyunjae explained, “I’m very shy at first. Could you feel that? I’m really not that kind of person, but I hear that my first impression is cold. I heard those words at a different photo shoot not so long ago, so I should pay attention to that.”

When the interviewer complimented their visuals, Hyunjae shared that he thought he had an ordinary face that didn’t stand out. Juyeon explained, “We each have what the other doesn’t have. My facial features are sharp. Hyunjae’s are soft and pretty. His face is like that, and his hands and legs are really beautiful. We’re very different, but when we’re together, it looks like we match well.” Hyunjae explained that fans compared Juyeon to a cat while they compared him to a bear.

The two members also talked about trying various fashion styles since their debut. Hyunjae mentioned, “There were clothes I wanted to buy myself if I made a lot of money later, but I haven’t put that into action yet. Right now, I prefer comfortable clothes like this. I think this is me.” When asked if they can buy expensive clothing now, Hyunjae replied, “Not yet. It’s just to the extent that we can eat whatever we want.”

Hyunjae and Juyeon also talked about becoming energized after starring in Mnet’s “Road to Kingdom.” Hyunjae elaborated, “It’s been three years since our debut. This could have been a tiring period, but I feel like we were standing in front of a new beginning. We met ‘Road to Kingdom.’ I think we were able to mature one step further through that program. I now have the confidence that this is our real start from now on.” Juyeon elaborated, “The strength of that program was amazing. We were strongly impacted by it it. It could be called an ‘influx.’ Through that program, we got many new fans.”

Juyeon mentioned that he was proud to have created such great performances through the the show. Hyunjae commented, “It was my first time on a survival program. It definitely stimulated my desire to win. It makes you fight for victory. There’s a strange excitement that comes from the thrill.” He added, “Although the point isn’t to win or lose, I got the thought that I didn’t want to lose. The important thing is, ‘It doesn’t matter if we lose, so let’s do what we prepared well.’ The members comfort each other like that. Our goal for ‘Kingdom’ is to do our best without any regrets. Rankings aren’t important. However, it might leave a scratch on our pride if we place last.”

Finally, when asked where they would go after the interview, Juyeon shared, “We have to go to the practice room. That’s our daily lives. We can’t help but go all-in on practice right now.”

In the meantime, watch a teaser for “Kingdom” here!

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