Dong Ha's Agency Denies School Violence Allegations

Dong Ha’s agency has denied allegations of school violence made against the actor.

On March 1, someone uploaded a post on an online community in which they claimed that Dong Ha had committed school violence against them. They wrote, “First, I’ll share that I was never in the same class as Kim Hyung Kyu [Dong Ha’s real name] and I wasn’t acquainted with him either. I was not assaulted by Kim Hyung Kyu at school; it was an outside location. The reason was that I had looked at Kim Hyung Kyu.”

They continued, “There was a girl next to him that I assume was his girlfriend. He slapped me and swore at me, and it was to such a degree that she stopped him and they left. Since we were at a mall with many people there, I felt greatly humiliated, as much as I felt afraid.” The accuser went on to say that after that, they had tried to hide while at school due to intense rumors about Dong Ha and his older brother. “Thankfully, since I was not in the same class as Kim Hyung Kyu and we did not usually talk, he forgot about me,” they wrote.

On March 4, Dong Ha’s agency, J,WIDE-Company, issued the following statement:

Hello. This is J,WIDE-Company.

We are giving our statement regarding a recent community post related to our actor Dong Ha. Immediately after checking the post uploaded to the community, we spoke with the actor himself. We found that the poster’s claims were not true. Since the actor’s own judgment might not be clear, we verified with acquaintances as well, but we received the same answer from them.

We will conduct a thorough investigation so that no one else is harmed anymore because of the content related to this matter, and through continued monitoring, our company will take all possible steps in response to those who create and share indiscriminate false information with malicious intent.

Thank you.

Dong Ha currently appears in the drama “Homemade Love Story.”

Korea is recently seeing a social movement of victims of school violence and bullying coming forward about their experiences. This comes after famous Korean volleyball athletes, twins Lee Jae Yeong and Lee Da Yeong, were revealed to have bullied their classmates in their school days and were ultimately removed from the national team.

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