Watch: aespa Reacts To SHINee's

aespa couldn’t help getting into fan mode while watching SHINee’s latest music video for the first time!

On March 4, the rookie girl group shared a fun reaction video for their labelmates’ new “Don’t Call Me” music video, which just dropped last week.

The clip begins with the aespa members nervously sharing that they’ve never filmed a reaction video before and worrying that they might not do a good job. However, Winter points out that they won’t need to feign their excitement, because they’re truly looking forward to it—especially because “all of SHINee’s previous songs are so amazing, which makes us even more excited for this one.” Ningning giddily exclaims, “After all, we’re SHINee fans!” and Giselle enthusiastically agrees, “That’s right!”

Throughout the music video, the rapt aespa members are unable to hide their awe as they marvel at everything from the song and choreography to SHINee’s talent and eye-catching styling. Before long, the idols are adorably dancing and singing along to “Don’t Call Me,” even though it’s their first time hearing the song.

At one point, when Karina expresses her admiration for Onew‘s voice, Winter points out that Karina is a “true fan” of SHINee. Proving herself a Shawol, Karina tries to imitate SHINee’s difficult one-legged dance move as she watches them on screen—but humbly adds with a laugh, “I don’t think we’d be able to keep our balance like they do, right?”

Check out aespa’s full reaction to “Don’t Call Me” with English subtitles below!

Watch Onew in “Descendants of the Sun” with subtitles here:

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