GFRIEND's Yerin Shares What She's Missing During The COVID-19 Pandemic + Talks About Yoga And Hobbies She Wants To Try

GFRIEND’s Yerin graces the cover of the March issue of Pilates S!

In an interview to go along with her photo shoot, Yerin shared, “I think that whenever a new year begins, I take some time to learn more about myself.” She continued, “I think that nowadays, my image is more like the ‘real’ me than it was in the past. I’ve realized that beyond my bright and cheerful image, there are different hidden sides to me.”

When asked about what’s changed the most compared to her rookie days, Yerin said, “We have a lot more fans now than we did during our debut days. Right now, we can only connect with our fans through broadcasts because of the COVID-19 situation, but in the past we used to meet them often in real life and receive a lot of sincere support.”

“Since a year ago, we’ve been practically unable to be on stage and we can’t meet our fans in person, so I feel a big emptiness,” she said. She emphasized how she feels by saying a few times, “I really miss [our fans] Buddies.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly changed everyday life, and Yerin was asked what she’d do if she had freedom in her daily life again. She shared, “I want to go to the zoo.” She explained, “I used to go every year like it was an annual event, but sadly last year I couldn’t.”

“It seems like I won’t be able to go this year either, but I used to always go to the zoo with my parents when I got time off and it would be a time of healing for me,” said Yerin. “I think it brings back my hidden childlike innocence.”

Yerin described doing aerial yoga as her personal method of staying healthy. “I started about two years ago,” she said. “After not being able to go to the yoga studio for a while, I’ve recently been making sure to go two to three times a week.”

“I’m not very strong physically, so it took a while to get to a certain level, but now I feel like I’m developing core muscles,” she said. When asked about a healthy routine she has, Yerin said, “I take health supplements.” She added with a big laugh, “It’s because I’ve heard that you don’t lose weight if you’re deficient in vitamins.”

On her plans for this year, Yerin said, “Recently, I’ve developed a desire to to learn things.” She continued, “If the situation improves a bit this year, I’d like to try experiencing as many different things as possible, like horseback riding, tennis, and golf.” She added, “Until the day we can meet fans in person again, we’ll keep communicating with them online.”

Yerin’s full pictorial and interview can be found in the March issue of Pilates S.

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