Watch: Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Is A Princess Accidentally Kidnapped By Jung Il Woo In 1st Teaser For Historical Drama

MBN’s upcoming drama “Bossam – Stealing Fate” has shared its first teaser!

Set in the Joseon dynasty, “Bossam – Stealing Fate” is a new historical drama starring Jung Il Woo as Ba Woo, a rogue with a mysterious identity who accidentally kidnaps a princess. Girls’ Generation’s Yuri will star as Soo Kyung, the princess in question, who is the widowed daughter of King Gwanghae.

The newly released teaser for the upcoming drama begins by defining “Bossam” as the practice of “secretly wrapping up a widow and stealing her away in the middle of the night to be remarried to a single man.” During the Joseon era, widows could not remarry through normal means, so families sometimes arranged the practice to connect them with new husbands.

The clip then introduces viewers to the beautiful Soo Kyung, with a child explaining in voice-over that she is “a princess” and “the king’s daughter.” Soon afterwards, the princess is shocked by a run-in with the rough-around-the-edges Ba Woo, who appears to have gotten into a physical altercation at the marketplace. “You know what that rascal’s nickname is?” scoffs someone in voice-over. “It’s ‘Dirtbag.'”

Whether it’s gambling, stealing, or fighting, there’s no illegal activity at which Ba Woo hasn’t tried his hand, and he is soon enticed by a lucrative offer to carry out a bossam scheme. However, he quickly realizes afterwards that he has made the mistake of a lifetime: he has accidentally kidnapped a princess.

After asking the fuming Soo Kyung if she is really a princess, he immediately starts kicking himself in regret. Meanwhile, King Gwanghae (played by Kim Tae Woo) orders his subordinates to tell Soo Kyung to return to the palace tomorrow, which leads to a frantic search for the missing princess.

An audibly upset Lee Yi Chum (played by Lee Jae Yong) commands, “Find her immediately. The honor of our family is at stake.” Meanwhile, his sword-wielding son Dae Yeop (played by Shin Hyun Soo) exclaims, “So you’re the rascal who’s responsible for this situation.”

However, Ba Woo isn’t backing down from a fight—and as Soo Kyung joins him in defending themselves from their pursuers, an unexpected romance will blossom between the unlikely couple.

“Bossam – Stealing Fate” is currently slated to premiere in May. Check out the new teaser for the drama below!

In the meantime, watch Jung Il Woo in his latest drama “Sweet Munchies” with subtitles here:

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