Watch: Song Kang And Park In Hwan Become Each Other’s Wings In New “Navillera” Teaser

“Navillera” has released a new teaser!

On March 9, tvN uploaded the fourth teaser for “Navillera” which highlights the special relationship between Song Kang and Park In Hwan.

Based on a popular webtoon of the same name, “Navillera” tells the story of Duk Chool (Park In Hwan), a man who begins ballet at the age of 70, and Chae Rok (Song Kang), a 23-year-old ballerino who gets lost while chasing his dreams.

As he feels he’s nearing the end of his life, Duk Chool finally decides to chase his lifelong dream of ballet. Although his own life feels heavy and frightful, Chae Rok reaches a turning point as he begins teaching Duk Chool ballet and acting as his manager.

In the new teaser, Chae Rok is stuck in a rut after once being a promising ballerino. He comments, “Do you think I won’t be able to do it?” Someone responds, “You’re stuck in one place right now.” Duk Chool seeks out Chae Rok’s help and tells him, “Before I die, I also want to fly.”

At first, Chae Rok finds Duk Chool bothersome and tells him, “Go home!” However, the two grow closer as they practice and spend more time together. Duk Chool even confesses to Chae Rok, “When I am able to do it, I’m trying not to hesitate and persevere until the end.” He adds, “Just believe in yourself, Chae Rok.” At the end, Chae Rok sends his support to Duk Chool with a note wishing him good luck.

Watch the full teaser here!

tvN’s “Navillera” premieres on March 22 at 9 p.m. KST.

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