Shim Eun Woo’s Agency Denies School Bullying Allegations

On March 9, Shim Eun Woo’s agency, SH Media Corp, addressed recent allegations that the actress had been a perpetrator of school violence.

The statement reads:

Hello, this is actress Shim Eun Woo’s agency, SH Media Corp.

This is our official statement on the allegations of school violence that were posted in an online community on March 8.

Before she adopted her stage name of Shim Eun Woo, the actress graduated from Bukpyeong Girls’ Middle School (currently known as Yeram Middle School) in Donghae, Gangwon Province, under her real name of Park So Ri. The person who claimed to be a victim in the online community post (we will refer to them as “J”) said that she had been ostracized at school under Shim Eun Woo’s lead. When we checked with Shim Eun Woo, she said that although her memories weren’t clear, she recalled that she had a group of friends in school and one of them fought with J and that she and her friends didn’t get along with J after that.

J claimed that Shim Eun Woo was a bully and that J had been a victim of Shim Eun Woo’s bullying from J’s first year of middle school up until J transferred schools in her third year. However, we have confirmed that Shim Eun Woo was an upright student to the point of being chosen as student leader in elementary school and class president in middle school and she has never engaged in misconduct.

However, among her group of school friends at the time, there were those who used language unbefitting of students, including curse words, and those who smoked cigarettes. Therefore, it is possible that people may have made unfavorable judgments about her. Taking this into account, Shim Eun Woo attempted to contact J in order to apologize for any harm that J might have suffered, but she was unable to get into contact with her. Instead, she spoke to J’s older sister and apologized for not remembering the precise details of J’s claims and asked that J share her full side of the story so that Shim Eun Woo could offer a sincere apology. Since then, Shim Eun Woo has been waiting for her to call back. As her agency, we are doing our best to gather information on what Shim Eun Woo does not remember so that we can avoid further harm to both J and Shim Eun Woo.

The agency is attempting to get into contact with Shim Eun Woo’s middle school friends who can help fill in the gaps in her memories and confirm the truth. After we organize this information, we will be able to release a clear statement about the truth of what happened.

In order to help clarify the truth about the above issue and to help us gather the correct information to confirm the truth, we ask that people refrain from spreading false content and false posts online.

The agency is actively monitoring the situation and plans to take strong action against the spreading of false rumors, lies, and false information.

On March 8, J had uploaded a post claiming to be a former middle school classmate of Shim Eun Woo, known then as Park So Ri. J claimed that although she had not been subject to physical violence, she had suffered the kind of social ostracism and psychological bullying that was sometimes found in girls’ middle schools.

J claimed that Shim Eun Woo was a well-known school bully and that she had a lot of influence in the school. J wrote, “After I got into a fight with Park So Ri’s friend group, it became the norm for her and her bully friends to gang up on me and curse me out whenever they ran into me. They also drove a wedge between me and my other friends by making up stories about me that weren’t true.”

J said that after being made an outcast, she had suffered until she transferred schools in the third year of middle school. Even afterward, she ended up transferring schools often and said that the rest of her family had suffered because of this as well. J claimed that she had considered going to Park So Ri’s mother’s chicken restaurant to ask her to put a stop to her daughter’s behavior. J also claimed that she had lived in terror that the bullying would escalate to physical violence and had needed psychological counseling as a result of the bullying.

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