Watch: EXO’s Chanyeol Overcomes Stage Fright In “The Box” Trailer

Upcoming film “The Box” shared a moving new trailer!

The jukebox musical film tells the story of aspiring musician Ji Hoon (EXO’s Chanyeol) and Min Soo (Jo Dal Hwan), a washed-up music producer who used to be a big shot in the industry. Together, they embark on a miraculous musical journey.

The latest teaser begins with Ji Hoon performing a beautiful rendition of Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars” at the beach in front of a small crowd of people, including Min Soo. “Are you really not interested in becoming a singer?” Min Soo asks him.

Ji Hoon suffers from stage fright, and he gets scared during a performance, nervously darting off stage. “I can’t sing in front of other people,” he says. “It’s scary.”

Determined to get the talented musician on stage, Min Soo comes up with a solution. He offloads a refrigerator box from the top of a car and slips it over Ji Hoon, with his guitar and all. “Good luck,” Min Soo tells him, patting the box, and the pair come to an agreement to go on a trip that involves 10 busking performances. Min Soo raves over the phone to someone about Ji Hoon’s good looks and amazing guitar skills. However, they’re stuck with the problem of Ji Hoon needing the box to perform.

As the duo travels and Ji Hoon gets to put on shows while inside the box, he starts to love being on stage. He tells Min Soo, “I’m going to try again. Without the box.”

Get a new look at the film below!

“The Box” premieres on March 24.

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