Hong Hyun Hee’s Agency Denies School Violence Allegations + Announces Plans To Take Legal Action

Comedian Hong Hyun Hee has been swept up in school violence rumors, but her agency stated they are not true.

Recently, a post was uploaded to an online community with the title “Comedian Hong Hyun Hee, don’t you feel guilty about your school days?” The individual (hereby referred to as “A”) who wrote this article claimed that they were bullied by Hong Hyun Hee and her friends. “A” said, “Did you enjoy making J and me outcasts? I remember how you used to criticize their looks and exclude them. I can’t forget how you used to curse at me while throwing eraser dust at me from behind and give me only a little bit of rice and side dishes while laughing at me during lunch time.”

Following the accusations, Hong Hyun Hee’s agency issued an official statement:

Hello, this is Bliss Entertainment.

We’d like to share our official position in relation to accusations of Hong Hyun Hee being involved in school violence.

The rumors circulating online about Hong Hyun Hee being a bully are not true, and the author of this post has been habitually writing things like this for many years.

Hong Hyun Hee couldn’t hide her confusion as she said, “I look the same as I did when I was in school, so how could I have made fun of someone’s appearance and made them into an outcast? It doesn’t make any sense.” She added, “It’s absolutely not true. I have nothing to hide, so let’s talk about this face-to-face.”

We have collected all of the author’s false claims, including comments posted on entertainment articles, over the years and have been preparing to take legal action for defamation.

Please refrain from making reckless speculations and spreading false information.

Thank you.

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