Pledis Shares Update On Allegations Involving SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

SEVENTEEN’s agency Pledis Entertainment has shared an additional statement regarding school violence accusations made against Mingyu.

After an initial statement on February 28, a new statement was released on March 12 following discussions with someone who wrote one of the posts. The person had previously written about attending the same hagwon (academy for extra classes outside of school) as Mingyu and said they were verbally abused by him.

Pledis’s new statement reads as follows:

This is Pledis Entertainment.

We are informing you of additionally confirmed information regarding what was posted online regarding SEVENTEEN member Mingyu.

We met up several times with the person who wrote regarding an incident that occurred when they attended the same hagwon as our artist and verified the facts. As a result of this process, we resolved misunderstandings regarding this matter and mutually agreed to conclude this situation.

The writer of the post experienced various personal matters unrelated to our artist while attending middle school, and they said they wrote the post to make known what happened in middle school. They said they wrote about what happened at the hagwon during that process.

Regarding this, our artist answered that he did fool around with male students who were in his class at hagwon, but he did not intentionally cause misery or humiliation to a specific individual. However, if the writer happened to feel discomfort or had a hard time due to his past actions, he expressed an apology regarding this.

The writer accepted this, and since the beginning of our discussions, they said that they do not wish for this matter to cause his departure from the group or for him to halt activities.

We shared the above statement with the writer first so they can check its contents, and the writer agreed with the statement after checking it. Therefore, we hope that no further arguments regarding this matter will arise and potentially cause harm to the writer.

We have finished contacting and discussing with everyone from the post whose identities could be confirmed. We are additionally working on verifying facts regarding the remaining matters with those whose identities are not clearly confirmed. We will share a separate statement in the future regarding additionally verified matters.

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