A.C.E’s Chan To Selectively Participate In Activities Due To Ankle Injury

A.C.E’s Chan has suffered an ankle injury and will sit out certain activities.

On March 14, BEAT Interactive shared a statement announcing the matter. Read it below:

Hello. This is BEAT Interactive.

This is an announcement regarding A.C.E member Chan’s injury.

During a practice session on February 28, 2021, A.C.E member Chan suffered an injury to his ankle.
He immediately visited the hospital for an examination and treatment. According to the examination, he had pulled a ligament in his ankle, and he was advised to treat the injury and avoid strenuous activities for two weeks. He is partially in a cast to help with his recovery and prevent further injuries. He has been continuously receiving treatment since the occurrence of the injury and will continue to do so until he has completely recovered. Furthermore, he will follow the medical advice and will not take part in strenuous activities.

We apologize for causing concern to fans with the sudden news.
We will work hard to prioritize our artist’s recovery over anything else.

Thank you.

Wishing Chan a quick recovery!

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