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Updated March 31 KST: 

WJSN has returned with their new mini album “UNNATURAL”!

The title track “UNNATURAL”, which has the same name as the album, was composed and written by Kevin Oppa and Song Hee Jin, with Chris Wahle also participating in composing the song and Exy taking part in the lyrics. The song portrays the emotions felt by a girl who ends up behaving unnaturally around the person they like.

Watch the music video for WJSN’s “UNNATURAL” below!

Updated March 29 KST: 

WJSN shared the album preview for “Unnatural”!

Updated March 28 KST: 

WJSN has released an MV teaser for their comeback with “Unnatural”!

Updated March 26 KST: 

WJSN has shared a “hidden film” teaser for their comeback with “Unnatural”!

Updated March 24 KST:

WJSN has now revealed photos of the group and more members as part of the third version of their concept photos for “Unnatural”!

Updated March 23 KST:

WJSN began to unveil the third version of their concept photos for “Unnatural”!

Updated March 22 KST:

WJSN revealed a new set of concept teasers for their return with “Unnatural”!

Updated March 21 KST:

WJSN has dropped the first batch of the second version of concept teasers for their comeback with “Unnatural.”

Updated March 20 KST: 

WJSN has released the individual concept photos for Luda, Soobin, Yeonjung, Eunseo, and Seola, and also a group teaser photo!

Updated March 19 KST:

WJSN released their first set of concept photos for “Unnatural,” featuring members Bona, Yeoreum, Dawon, Dayoung, and Exy!

Updated March 17 KST:

WJSN has released the track list for their upcoming mini album “Unnatural”!

Check it out below:

Updated March 15 KST:

WJSN shared their teaser schedule for “Unnatural”!

Original Article:

WJSN has dropped the first teaser for their March comeback!

The girl group has announced that they will be making their comeback on March 31 with the mini album “Unnatural.”

This is WJSN’s first comeback since “Neverland” in June 2020. The group also did unit activities with the subunit WJSN CHOCOME (Soobin, Luda, Yeoreum, and Dayoung) in October 2020.

What are you hoping to see in WJSN’s upcoming comeback? Stay tuned for updates!

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