Ravi Shares His Concerns About Work-Life Balance With Yeon Jung Hoon On “2 Days & 1 Night” Season 4

On the March 14 episode of KBS’s “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4,” VIXX’s Ravi and Yeon Jung Hoon had a heart-to-heart talk.

In the previous episode, all the members except for Yeon Jung Hoon were sent to a deserted island to test their wilderness survival skills. Yeon Jung Hoon, who had won all the games, enjoyed a luxurious camping car experience with a campfire and hot chocolate.

Ravi, who was the first to be sent to the island, got the right to sleep indoors with Yeon Jung Hoon. As the oldest member, Yeon Jung Hoon listened to youngest member Ravi’s concerns and gave him some heartfelt advice.

Ravi said, “I don’t really share my concerns with others. If I had to pick something, I’d say that as a musician, I’m always thinking about making music. Even when I’m finished making a song, I feel like I should start working on more music. I’m worried because I don’t have any hobbies.”

Yeon Jung Hoon asked him how long he’d been doing music and Ravi replied, “I’ve been dancing since I was 15. I think I was around 18 when I first started producing music. I thought I was satisfied with just doing music. But two years ago, I realized that I was exhausted. I wasn’t well physically and mentally. I had a severe case of something like panic disorder, and my breathing was irregular. I tried to find some new hobbies then, but I wasn’t able to.”

Yeon Jung Hoon is known to enjoy a number of hobbies such as wine tasting and car racing. When Ravi asked him if he wasn’t afraid of running out of time for his real profession, acting, because of his hobbies, the older member said, “Acting is a job in which you’re pretending to live someone else’s life. I had to meet lots of different people in order to understand that I had been stuck in one perspective. It’s possible to feel anxious about losing something productive because of one’s hobbies, but if you focus too much on one thing, you can only see the world through that narrow lens.”

Ravi concluded, “So taking the time to rest and enjoy your hobbies can actually be beneficial for your job,” and Yeon Jung Hoon agreed.

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