Watch: Kim Seon Ho Adorably Bursts Into Tears During Horror Mission On “2 Days & 1 Night”

Kim Seon Ho was adorably terrified while taking on a horror-themed mission on “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4”!

On the March 14 episode of the KBS variety show, some of the cast members had to complete a daunting mission in order to obtain a sleeping bag. In the pitch-black darkness of night, the members had to walk a lengthy distance to a spooky abandoned building on the other side of the island and rescue a doll from one of four rooms there. To make things even worse, they had to go one by one, meaning that they would be completely alone.

The cast was unsurprisingly terrified by the mission, and Kim Seon Ho immediately asked, “Can we just forfeit?” However, at the promise that they would be given additional food on top of the sleeping bags, they finally agreed to take on the scary task.

Kim Seon Ho was the first member up, and he worriedly told the production crew, “If I accidentally curse during the mission, please edit it out! I’m going to be screaming a lot to try to feel less scared.”

Once he arrived at the dark, abandoned building, Kim Seon Ho was unhappy to find that it had been decorated to be as scary as possible—and, true to his word, he never stopped screaming throughout the mission.

Although the actor successfully returned with the doll in tow, his fellow cast members were shocked to see that he was crying. After asking if Kim Seon Ho if he was okay, Moon Se Yoon exclaimed in surprise, “He’s really crying. He’s really crying!” 

An embarrassed Kim Seon Ho then adorably yelled through his tears, “Turn off all the cameras! Ugh, I really made up my mind and tried my best so that I wouldn’t be humiliated, but…” As he broke off, Moon Se Yoon jokingly scolded the staff, “Why are you doing this to our kind [Seon Ho]?”

Check out the clip of Kim Seon Ho taking on the scary mission below!

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