Watch: Jang Dong Yoon Joins Hands With Kim Dong Jun And Geum Sae Rok To Ward Off Evil In “Joseon Exorcist”

SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Joseon Exorcist” has released a new teaser!

Set after the establishment of the Joseon dynasty, “Joseon Exorcist” is about the battle with the undead who come back to life after being killed by the royal family. Jang Dong Yoon stars as Prince Chungnyeong, a bookish young man forced to fight to protect Joseon from the evil spirits. Kam Woo Sung stars as Kim Taejong, a cold-blooded monarch to sets out to control the spirits but secretly harbors a sense of guilt at the blood he shed while helping his father establish Joseon. Park Sung Hoon stars as Prince Yangnyeong, who forms a dangerous contract with the spirits to protect his loved ones.

Kim Dong Jun plays Byeo Ri, is a societal outcast due to his peasant birth and carries with him a deep sense of loneliness and frustration. In the traveling troupe, he is in charge of physical feats and is therefore skilled at using weapons. Geum Sae Rok plays Hye Yoom, is the mascot of the troupe who draws audiences in with her beautiful face. Unlike her delicate looks, she is actually quite plainspoken.

The new teaser shares a peek at the teamwork of Prince Chungnyeong and the traveling troupe. One voiceover warns, “Those people are hunters who disguise themselves as a traveling troupe and make money by capturing migrants.”

During their performances, the troupe members are filled with energy, but at night, they are quiet and dispirited. Byeo Ri just gazes into the distance with a faraway look in his eyes, and Hye Yoom seems frustrated by their repetitive cycle of life. Her voiceover declares, “Nobody in Joseon treats us like decent human beings! How long are we going to live like this?”

The troupe isn’t the only one fed up with their situation. As the third prince, Prince Chungnyeong has no real power, and his brother Prince Yangnyeong crushes his last spark of hope to make a difference by saying, “Do not desire anything. Live like you’re firewood or a pillar.”

The lowly troupe members who can’t become people and the prince who can’t become anything eventually join hands and go on a journey together. Through various obstacles, their trust in each other starts to grow, and the troupe promises to protect Prince Chungnyeong. When a royal subject warns the prince not to trust “those lowly manhunters,” he quips, “Those lowly manhunters saved our lives twice.” A member from the troupe also says, “Prince Chungnyeong is the only one who understands us.”

Watch the full teaser here!

“Joseon Exorcist” premieres on March 22 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.

Watch another teaser below!

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