Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan And Eric Post About Resolving Their Conflict + Agency To Take Legal Action Against Malicious Posts

Updated March 17 KST: 

Eric has also shared a post about resolving his conflict with Kim Dong Wan.

On March 17, he posted a photo of a group chat with all the Shinhwa members included and wrote:

These things that happened while the real Shinhwa Changjo [fanclub name] were sleeping and woke up to discover. I didn’t know that it would be resolved and our unity restored so fast. From now on, let’s not compare each other and fight about who was right and wrong. Instead, let’s channel this energy into fighting to protect Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo. Thanks to Dong Wan, who came to talk things over after we both let go of our pride for Shinhwa’s sake. Thanks to the members who mediated between us while we were fighting. Thanks to Jang Un hyung, who thinks and cares more deeply about Shinhwa than even the Shinhwa members do. And more than anyone else, thanks to Shinhwa Changjo, who were off living their own lives but came running to clear things up as soon as they heard that Shinhwa was in danger. You guys are really amazing. You guys are really the best. Sleep well and let’s only share happy things from now on. I really didn’t post this at 2:15 a.m. on purpose but that’s how it happened. Good night. P.S. Just as Shinhwa is a source of pride for me, let’s combine our strength to continue to make the time spent between Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo a source of pride for them.

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Kim Dong Wan has posted on Instagram to share that after meeting with Eric and other members of Shinhwa, they have resolved their conflict.

On March 14, Eric posted on Instagram and tagged Kim Dong Wan, revealing a conflict between the group members. He wrote, “Since we both have different thoughts and methods, we decided to understand each other’s differences. However, it’s become a situation where people only respond positively to one side, to the person who says things that sound nice, and they curse the people who are silently, earnestly working on group matters. Isn’t that unreasonable?”

The two members went back and forth on social media before they both posted a photo of four alcohol glasses, saying that they were talking things over. When Kim Dong Wan appeared on a live broadcast on March 15, he denied that the group would disband, saying that people talking about them “disbanding” made them endure even more persistently.

Eric and Kim Dong Wan have now deleted all the posts they had made about their conflict, and Kim Dong Wan shared the following post on March 16:

First, I apologize for the noisy situation because of a personal issue.

Minor misunderstandings piled up and so we stopped talking, and because of this there ended up being a misunderstanding between us that gradually became larger. When we didn’t resolve the misunderstanding and neglected each other, it led to each of us expressing our opinions through social media. I once again apologize to everyone who felt fatigued by this.

I’ve had a good conversation with Eric. In addition, we talked a lot with the members who were there with us as well. I’ve spent over half my life as a member of Shinhwa, and the Shinhwa members are my friends and family who spent that time together with me. During that long period, the relationship between all the members was neither always good nor always bad.

We’ve spent a long time together, since we were teenagers, and there were instances that we thought would be okay and wouldn’t be much of a problem because we’re just like family. They piled up and accumulated, and so we were hurting each other. While we started talking yesterday, we were resolving everything from instances that happened a very long time ago to minor things, and we spoke about why we’d been upset with each other, and we worked it out well.

Beyond thinking of just protecting Shinhwa’s activities and performances no matter what, I’ll think more about how we can continue them well. Thank you.

Shinhwa also posted on Instagram to announce plans for legal action in response to malicious comments and talked about their approach to communication with their fans Shinhwa Changjo in the future.

The post reads:

All the Shinhwa members have suffered psychological damage for several years due to malicious posts of defamation, personal attacks, and severe insults made about their colleagues and family members, which are all posted on various anonymous forums online.

Because of this, discord occurred between the members, as well as misunderstandings with their colleagues as well.

Shinhwa Changjo has also dealt with severe stress due to false rumors that are uploaded on anonymous forums online and unmentionable words said in obscene language.

However, thinking that this could also help in regard to Shinhwa’s growth, we just dealt with it in a lax manner for several years.

While holding a meeting in our group chat room, we found out that all the members had suffered this same damage and that this was continuing up until recently and becoming more severe.

In addition, we realized that due to incorrect information and fabrications, the Shinhwa members, their families, and even Shinhwa Changjo were being subjected to insults.

In the future, Shinhwa will not accept any opinions from anonymous forums.

We will not accept any support from anonymous forums.

We will not consider people who use anonymous forums to be Shinhwa Changjo.

In the future, Shinhwa will communicate with Shinhwa Changjo on the official fan cafe and actively accept opinions there.

The Shinhwa members will also let Shinhwa Changjo know about news by continually being active on the cafe.

Shinhwa’s official fan cafe is ShinhwaChangjoOFFICIAL.

As the 13th Shinhwa Changjo period has ended, we will temporarily open up the “from SHINHWA” board (which only the highest level of Shinhwa Changjo had been able to access before) to full members.

In the case of future instances on anonymous forums of insults and defamation, insults directed at our family, and defamation through the spreading of false rumors, we will strongly hold the perpetrators legally responsible, in the name of all the members.

Shinhwa will try harder.

Thank you.

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