Stray Kids Discusses Their Growth Since Debut, Favorite 2020 Memory, Future Goals, And More

Following their win from the 2020 Asia Artist Awards, Star News caught up with Stray Kids to discuss the phenomenal year they’ve had, as well as their plans going forward.

After congratulating Stray Kids on their award, the interviewer asked them to share any comments they were unable to add to their acceptance speech. Bang Chan began, “I was so disappointed that our STAY [Stray Kids’ fans] were not there, who always personally watch our performances. I am eagerly awaiting the day that this situation gets better and we’re able to showcase our performance in front of STAY and many other people. More than anything, I hope everyone stays healthy and happy!”

Changbin commented, “I still believe we are very lacking but we are filling that by practicing and I think we’re slowly developing. Thank you for watching over us kindly and please look forward to us lots in the future.” Seungmin added, “The memory of us winning the rookie award at AAA in our debut year feels like just yesterday so it’s an honor to receive another meaningful award. We’ll continue to work hard in the future so that we can become a cool team that fits this award! Thank you!”

As Seungmin mentioned, Stray Kids have won various awards at AAA every year since their debut and were asked whether they’re able to feel their own growth. Bang Chan answered, “Although there are times where we’re unable to honestly feel whether we’re growing or not, we always have the mindset of wanting to continue growing and moving forward. We’re still lacking, have a lot that we want to learn, and have a lot of new sides we want to show off, so I believe that mindset is really important.”

Starting next month, Stray Kids will appear on Mnet’s competition program “Kingdom.” The interviewer asked the members for their goals ahead of the show and Lee Know responded, “We will work hard to convey our image as is which captures our unique color.” Han shared, “In addition to a new image, we’ll work towards showing and trying out new challenges. Please give us lots of attention and support.”

Looking back on their past year, the group discussed which moment was most memorable for them. I.N answered, “I think our first music show performance of ‘God’s Menu‘ was most memorable. I remember us feeling very excited while we thought about what our fans would think.”

Due to the pandemic, there were few performance opportunities and Stray Kids inevitably spent more time at home. They discussed hobbies they picked up during this time with Felix explaining, “I cook whenever I’m hungry so I’ve been trying to eat well. I’m making new foods and baking.”

Regarding their goals and plans for 2021, Changbin shared, “I hope there are more opportunities for more people to take in our music and performances. In all those moments, I want to fascinate many people. I hope the situation with COVID-19 quickly improves as I want to perform in front of STAY.”

To conclude, the members were asked to send messages to their fans. Lee Know shared, “Please spend 2021 healthily and happily. We will work towards becoming a group who can repay their fans’ love!”

Changbin continued, “Last year was a year where I really felt how much I missed STAY and I believe our STAY had that hard of a time adjusting too. This year, us Stray Kids will make sure that our STAY are never bored so please always support and look forward to us.”

Felix commented, “STAY, this year we’re also thinking of showing new and cool images of ourselves so please look forward to it and I hope you will continue to support us. I wish that we all don’t get hurt, stay healthy, and can stay together happily! Stay strong!”

Seungmin’s message read, “Thank you always for sending so much support. We want to become a team that reliably gives strength. Stay healthy this year and let’s work hard together!”

Lastly, I.N shared, “STAY, we’ll work hard to show even cooler sides of ourselves and more impressive performances in the future! We are always so thankful. Our STAY, please stay by our side for a long, long time.”

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