Watch: Park Eun Suk Impresses Lee Ji Ah While They Film Rescue Scene For “The Penthouse 2”

The Penthouse 2” gave a new look behind the scenes!

SBS’s “The Penthouse 2” is the second season of the suspenseful drama about the solidarity and pursuit of revenge among a group of women at the top of the social pyramid, who will stop at nothing to protect their children.

The new behind-the-scenes video begins with Eugene and Lee Ji Ah shooting the scene in which Oh Yoon Hee encounters Na Ae Gyo. As they film outside, the pair enjoy some snacks in between takes, even grilling dried squid on the heaters.

More making-of footage features Kim So Yeon, Yoon Jong Hoon, and Uhm Ki Joon filming a scene where Cheon Seo Jin and Ha Yoon Cheol are talking together while Joo Dan Tae watches them. Behind the scenes, the two guys compliment Kim So Yeon on her ability to pull off any outfit. As they work on the dramatic moment, Kim So Yeon and Yoon Jong Hoon keep each other smiling and laughing while the camera’s off.

Uhm Ki Joon then wanders on to the main set to joke, “Why was your kiss so lackluster?” Someone off screen jokes, “Of course, it would look like that to the master of kissing,” making the trio burst out laughing.

Finally, Uhm Ki Joon, Lee Ji Ah, and Park Eun Suk team up to shoot the action scene in which Joo Dan Tae attacks Na Ae Gyo, who’s then saved by Logan Lee (Park Eun Suk). This involves Logan Lee picking an unconscious Na Ae Gyo up off the ground and carrying her outside in his arms.

“Can you really pick me up?” Lee Ji Ah asks Park Eun Suk, and he replies that he can. Lee Ji Ah makes him laugh by insisting that she’s heavy. “I’ll go do some squats,” he jokes. While they prepare, Uhm Ki Joon points out that it’s more difficult to pick someone up from beneath them when they’re lying down, as Park Eun Suk will have to do, and Lee Ji Ah keeps worrying that it might be too much for Park Eun Suk.

However, once they get to rehearsing the scene, Park Eun Suk is able to pick her up and carry her out, making Lee Ji Ah yell over the success and flash a V sign with a big smile. She asks if he’s okay, and he jokes, “I’ll be back after I get some acupuncture,” making her laugh.

Once they’re filming, Park Eun Suk is able to lift her, but he utters a noise as he does so. When the camera’s off and they come back in, Lee Ji Ah admits that she smiled a little bit when he made the noise, but the crew assures her that it hadn’t shown on camera. In the end, they manage to wrap up the scene with success.

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