Watch: “2 Days & 1 Night” Cast Gets Ranked On Their Dancing Skills + Kim Jong Min Rips His Pants

On the latest episode of “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4,” the cast members showed off their moves in individual dance auditions!

The March 21 broadcast of the popular KBS variety show followed the cast as they wrapped up their “Feel the Rhythm of Korea” project. In order to determine which four members of the cast would be selected as dancers for the final video, each of the six members took turns auditioning in front of a panel of dancers.

All of the members performed the same basic dance routine for their auditions, but the beginning of the song included a freestyle section in which the members came up with their own moves.

DinDin bravely volunteered to go first, and the judges praised him for his hard work. “I could see how much he’d practiced, and I think that’s really deserving of praise,” said one of the dancers. “But it was a bit confusing whether he was being sincere or just joking around [while dancing].”

Kim Seon Ho went next, and he hilariously explained afterwards that his choreography for the freestyle section had been an interpretive dance acting out how he was going to defeat his rival DinDin.

While evaluating Kim Seon Ho’s performance, one of the dancers commented, “Because he’s an actor, his mime-style movements were really great. I also liked the fact that his individual choreography told a story.”

Next up was Moon Se Yoon, who unfortunately missed the right timing to begin his dance routine. Panicked, he begged the judges to let him start over, but they instructed him to continue and finish his routine. Afterwards, they gave him the opportunity to dance it again properly, but the damage had been done.

“Although he has a lot of potential in terms of his dancing skills,” said the judges, “the fact that he forgot the order of the [dance moves] seems to indicate that he didn’t practice much.”

Kim Jong Min was the fourth member to audition, and though he immediately impressed everyone with the quality of his dancing, he also made a small mistake in his routine. However, he made up for his error by dancing the extra parts of the choreography that the cast hadn’t been taught yet, proving just how prepared he was for the audition.

Afterwards, Kim Jong Min apologized for making a mistake and asked if he could dance the first section of the choreography again. Then, as he began passionately dancing his freestyle section, he accidentally ripped his pants at the seam, exposing his underwear to everyone on the set.

Once the chaos that ensued had died down, the judges shared their thoughts on his performance. Because one of the judges knew Kim Jong Min from having danced with him many years ago, back in Kim Jong Min’s days as a backup dancer, he remarked that he intended to be as objective as possible in his evaluation. Nonetheless, he declared, “My objective review is that he was the best. He’s the only person who correctly danced the choreography up until the end.”

Next up was Yeon Jung Hoon, who revealed that he had been especially passionate about practicing for the audition—even going so far as to enlist the help of VIXX’s Ravi as a private tutor.

The actor’s hard work paid off: the judges were visibly impressed throughout his performance, and his fellow cast members even gave him a standing ovation. “I think he must have really practiced a lot as he prepared,” said one of the dancers. “He did a lot better than I’d expected, and seeing him pull off the routine so confidently, I was really moved.”

Finally, the last member to audition was Ravi, who tore up the stage with his powerful moves and skillful dancing. Praising his performance, one of the judges enthused, “I don’t think there was anything to criticize [in that performance]. I was touched by the fact that he did his best and gave it his all, even though the choreography [we gave him] consisted of easy, mediocre moves that would have been nothing to him.”

Another dancer added, “I felt like the texture and style of his dancing was different from ours, and he did so well that it made me think it would be more fun for us to follow his style, in order to make the dance really shine.”

After each of the four judges ranked the six cast members, they tallied up their scores and found that four of the members were tied for second place. With one member securely in first place and another in sixth place, the judges held a discussion to decide which of the four members in the tie would be eliminated.

To everyone’s surprise, the judges awarded first place to Yeon Jung Hoon, praising him for how much he’d improved. Ravi won second place, while Kim Seon Ho came in third. Finally, after a tense wait in which the judges explained that they took more than just dancing skills into account while making their decisions, they announced that Kim Jong Min was the final dancer to make the cut.

Check out the “2 Days & 1 Night” cast’s final “Feel the Rhythm of Korea” video below!

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