T-ara’s Soyeon Talks About Making Her Solo Debut, Her Recent Experience With A Stalker, And More

T-ara’s Soyeon recently gave a series of interviews to talk about her new solo single, “Interview,” which is set to be released on March 24 at 6 p.m. KST.

This is her second single to be released in 2021. In February, she released the song “Just the Same as Before,” her first Korean solo release since her debut with T-ara in 2009.

In one interview, she spoke about her solo debut getting pushed back multiple times. “I tried not to think about it in despair,” she said. “I believe that the right time comes to all of us, and I think that the timing for me was right now. I think that the song came out at just the right time.”

She added, “Of course, there were lots of difficult moments, and I had a lot of worries and concerns. I started promoting with a lot of anxieties. When I was part of a group, the other members did so well that I could focus on what I needed to do. Now that I’m doing something alone, I have a lot of worries.”

Soyeon participated in writing lyrics for “Interview” and explained, “The starting point of the song was ‘interview,’ just as the title describes. It’s about recalling the kind of breakup that everyone goes through, but I interpreted this through the storyline of an interview.”

She continued, “While I was working on the song, I got a real reporter to ask questions. A real interview always begins with a reporter’s questions. To make it as realistic as possible, I enlisted the help of a real reporter. I think that the line, ‘Please erase what I just said,’ would be shocking to a real reporter, but I hope that the public will find it entertaining. It’s not the kind of interview that could take place in real life. It’s just a song. But that’s how I worked on it.”

Back in February, a man was booked by the police on suspicions that he had trespassed into Soyeon’s apartment building. Soyeon’s agency revealed that the man was a stalker who had been harassing Soyeon since the first half of 2020.

In her interviews, Soyeon talked about the frightening experience. “Stalking is a problem not just for me but something that a lot of my colleagues have gone through and are currently experiencing. Among the many people who show us their love and interest, there are those who show their interest in a way that causes us pain. I think that this situation happens when you’ve captured a large part of the public attention, but it’s not just me. A lot of artists are going through this issue.”

She added, “I hope that those who show their interest with different thoughts can be harmonized into the whole. I think it would be good to develop systems that help build good fandom interactions with the artist rather than bad ones. I’ve heard that there are a lot of people working hard on this, and I am recovering [from the incident] with the help of those people.”

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