Song Joong Ki And Lee Hee Joon’s Upcoming Movie Responds To Reports About Resuming Filming In Colombia

The future of the film “Bogotá” starring Song Joong Ki and Lee Hee Joon remains unclear.

The cast and crew of “Bogotá” flew to Colombia in January 2020 and completed filming approximately 40 percent of the entire movie until the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Due to the dangers and complications of the pandemic, the actors and staff halted filming and returned to Korea in March 2020. The movie’s distribution company stated that they would resume filming in 2021.

On March 24, 2021, OSEN reported that the “Bogotá” team will leave for Colombia in July and film the rest of the movie for approximately one month. Before that, the production team and actors will reportedly film footage in Korea from May to June.

According to Sports Chosun, the production team is leaning towards the plan of having only a few of the staff members fly to Colombia without the actors to film footage that can be incorporated into scenes using visual effects.

A source from the film commented, “Plans to resume filming in July have not been set yet. The production team is internally reviewing the possibilities. There are too many variables currently. Nothing has been confirmed concretely.”

The agencies of Song Joong Ki and Lee Hee Joon similarly stated, “We have not received a filming schedule from the production team yet. Nothing has been decided regarding the resumption of filming for “Bogotá.”

“Bogotá” will be crime thriller about youths who leave Korea for Colombia in the 1990s.

Song Joong Ki is now starring in tvN’s “Vincenzo,” and Lee Hee Joon is appearing in tvN’s “Mouse.”

Watch Lee Hee Joon alongside Lee Seung Gi in “Mouse” below!

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