Watch: Jang Nara Gives Jung Yong Hwa A Fright In Spooky Teaser For Fantasy Drama

KBS’s upcoming fantasy drama “Daebak Real Estate” (literal title) shows the headquarters of exorcist and realtor Hong Ji Ah in a teaser video!

“Daebak Real Estate” is about a real estate agent and a con man who team up to exorcise ghosts and evil auras from properties where people have died. Jang Nara takes the role of Hong Ji Ah, the boss of Daebak Real Estate and an exorcist. With her beauty and brains, she appears to be perfect on the outside, but she is a hot-tempered person who inherited her exorcism abilities from her mother. CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa plays Oh In Bum, a quick-witted con man who pretends to be an exorcist, despite not believing in ghosts himself.

The new teaser video is filmed from the perspective of Oh In Bum, who sneaks into the office of Hong Ji Ah’s Daebak Real Estate on the night of a full moon. He scoffs when he looks at a desk and sees records of exorcisms and documents about haunted buildings. “‘Ghosts,’ how ridiculous,” he says to himself.

As he’s snooping around, he gets startled by the opening of a door and the eerie sound of a woman’s laughter. A light in the room is swinging back and forth, and a desk shifts all of a sudden. The sound of his breathing makes it clear that he’s afraid as he tries to follow the traces of what just passed through, reaching a doorway where a curtain is swaying.

When he opens the curtain, he lets out a scream. He’s found Hong Ji Ah looking down at him from the second floor. He cowers in fright as she stares at him with complete composure. “Are you here to put your house up for sale?” she asks him calmly.

As he looks up at her in alarm, Oh In Bum says in a voiceover, “What’s up with that woman? Is she crazy?”

Watch the teaser video below!

The production team shared, “In the second teaser video, we used a fake documentary technique to increase the tension of this thrilling encounter between Jang Nara and Jung Yong Hwa.” They added, “Please look forward to ‘Daebak Real Estate,’ a drama that will make viewers’ hearts race.”

“Daebak Real Estate” premieres on April 14.

Watch Jang Nara in “Oh My Baby” below!

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