Lee Min Ki And Nana Get Tangled Up In A Messy Situation In “Oh My Ladylord”

MBC’s “Oh My Ladylord” shared new stills from the second episode!

In the drama, Lee Min Ki plays Han Bi Soo, a top thriller writer who “won’t” date, while Nana takes the role of Oh Joo In, a rom-com actress who “can’t” date. The two characters end up living together, with Han Bi Soo becoming Oh Joo In’s tenant.


In the first episode, Han Bi Soo and Oh Ju In got off on the wrong foot. Han Bi Soo’s top drama was about to halt production, but Oh Ju In appeared to save it. However, Han Bi Soo flatly refused her offer without even knowing his mother Kang Hae Jin (Lee Hwi Yang) sold his hanok (traditional Korean home) to her. The episode ended with Han Bi Soo and Oh Ju In unexpectedly meeting in the bathroom.

The newly released stills feature Han Bi Soo and Oh Ju Sin sitting across from each other at the kitchen table. Han Bi Soo’s hair is still damp from his rushed shower, and his expression is pale with shock. On the other hand, Oh Ju In looks at him with confidence, and she holds out her hand as if she wants something from him. Viewers are curious to learn how this mix-up will eventually lead to romance.

The production team shared, “In the second episode that airs today, Han Bi Soo and Oh Ju In will officially become tangled up with each other because of the hanok. Lee Min Ki and Nana perfectly captured the new circumstances with their unique performance and energy. Please give [the next episode] a lot of interest and look forward to it.”

The second episode of “Oh My Ladylord” will air on March 25 at 10 p.m. KST, which is 40 minutes later than its usual time, because of a live soccer match between Korea and Japan.

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