Park Na Rae Apologizes For Sexual Jokes Made On Web Variety Show + Show To Be Canceled

Comedian Park Na Rae has released an official apology for controversial comments and actions she made on the web variety show “Hey Na Rae.”

“Hey Na Rae” is a web variety show hosted by Park Na Rae and YouTube content creator Hey Jini on CJ ENM’s new YouTube channel STUDIO WAFFLE. In one episode, Park Na Rae parodied EXO’s Kai’s famous “panties” clip from “Ask Us Anything” and said, “The chili pepper in the pants,” and added, “Chili peppers are vegetables, so this can go on the air.” (In Korean, the word for chili peppers also refers to the penis.)

Hey Jini said, “My close friends told me that if I was ever shocked by Park Na Rae, I should wave a carrot in the air and ask for rescue. I should have brought a carrot here.” Park Na Rae then held up a carrot and made a gesture that suggested sexual content.

In another episode, Park Na Rae made sexual comments about a male doll dressed in underwear and put the doll’s hands on the doll’s groin area. After Hey Jini made a surprised expression, the subtitle, “Isn’t this rated 25+?” popped up.

After these comments and actions began garnering criticism online, the production staff of “Hey Na Rae” released an apology on March 24. As of now, all of the content related to “Hey Na Rae” has been deleted.

On March 25, Park Na Rae apologized through a statement from her agency.

Hello, this is Park Na Rae’s agency, JDB Entertainment.

We apologize that Park Na Rae’s official statement arrived so late. This statement was pushed back due to lengthy discussions with the production staff.

When Park Na Rae heard about the production staff’s plans, character set-ups, and props, she should have drawn certain lines and thought more carefully about how to express herself. Because she did not do that, she is deeply self-reflecting on her actions.

We recognize that the videos caused discomfort to those who were watching, so we bow our heads once again and apologize.

After discussions with the production staff, Park Na Rae has agreed to step down from “Hey Na Rae.” We will take this opportunity to reflect and think more on our actions in future.

Park Na Rae also released a handwritten apology on Instagram that read:

I thought a long time about what to write. I am very sorry for causing discomfort to many people through the inappropriate content in the web variety show “Hey Na Rae.” As a entertainer and a public figure, when I was entrusted with hosting the show, it was my responsibility and duty to carefully review the planning process, from the characters to the acting to the props, as well as appropriate expression. But because I was lacking in these areas, I have caused a lot of people disappointment. Even though I have received so much love over the years… I can only apologize to those who trusted and supported me. I will become someone who thinks more deeply about what she says and does in future. Once again, I apologize for causing concern this late at night.

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Later on March 25, the production staff of “Hey Na Rae” released a further statement announcing the cancellation of the show.

This is the production staff of “Hey Na Rae.”

We have listened carefully to the opinions sent in via comments on our video and channel.

We have fully realized our grave error in causing so many people discomfort through our reckless greed for entertainment. To take responsibility for this, we have decided to discontinue the show “Hey Na Rae.”

Although the “Hey Na Rae” content had been created to entertain the public, certain scenes and subtitles expressed excessive sexual content. Even in the editing and revision process, we did not recognize how much discomfort this would cause, and the videos were uploaded as they were.

We deeply apologize to all the viewers and subscribers who felt discomfort through the content on “Hey Na Rae” and we also sincerely apologize to the two hosts who appeared on the show while trusting in the production staff.

We have deleted all the content related to “Hey Na Rae” and from now on the production staff will focus on creating content that everyone can enjoy instead of trying to make extreme entertainment through excessive production.

Once again, we sincerely apologize for causing discomfort to viewers and subscribers.

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