Kim Dong Jun’s Agency Clarifies Issues With His Social Media Account After “Joseon Exorcist” Controversy

On March 28, MAJOR9, Kim Dong Jun’s agency, clarified some issues about his social media account.

Kim Dong Jun starred in the SBS drama “Joseon Exorcist,” which was permanently canceled after two episodes due to controversies over historical distortion. Kim Dong Jun, along with other cast and crew members, apologized for his decision to appear in the drama.

“Joseon Exorcist” made its premiere on March 22 and the premiere episode soon came under fire for certain controversial scenes. Netizens noticed that on March 23, Kim Dong Jun’s social media account continued to promote the drama with photos of Kim Dong Jun’s character and captions asking fans to tune in to the next episode. The posts were later deleted as people criticized such promotions during a sensitive time.

In their March 28 statement, MAJOR9 clarified that the agency staff ran the official social media account in question, not the actor himself.

This is MAJOR9.

We apologize for the posts made on March 22 that promoted the broadcast of “Joseon Exorcist” on Kim Dong Jun’s official social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook) that are run by MAJOR9.

After the agency staff who run Kim Dong Jun’s social media account uploaded a post promoting the second episode of “Joseon Exorcist,” they recognized that this was not appropriate during the current situation and removed the post.

This incident was mistakenly reported in the news as a post uploaded by Kim Dong Jun himself, causing concern to him and his fans. We sincerely apologize for not taking more care with the posts uploaded on his official social media accounts.

We recognize that there might be confusion because of the names of the social media accounts, so we will differentiate the accounts run by the actor himself from those run by the agency. The accounts run by MAJOR9 will now carry the label “OFFICIAL” and will mention that they are run by agency staff in the description.

We will also do our best to ensure that official social media material is written so that it is not mistaken as the actor’s personal posts.

We will work hard to be more careful and responsible for the posts uploaded on the official social media accounts run by MAJOR9, as well as with the actor’s other promotions.

Once again, we apologize to Kim Dong Jun and his fans for not being more careful with his social media management.

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