Actor Park Joong Hoon’s Agency Releases Statement After He Is Caught Drunk Driving

On March 28, SBS News reported that actor Park Joong Hoon had been caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to SBS News’ report, the police responded to a complaint about drunk driving at an apartment complex in the Gangnam district of Seoul at 10:20 p.m. on March 26. The complaint stated that there was someone who appeared to be drunk driving in an underground parking lot at the apartment, and when the management staff tried to check the person’s identity, he did not respond.

The police arrived on the scene and confirmed that the driver in question was the movie actor Park Joong Hoon. Park Joong Hoon had drunk alcohol with an acquaintance before calling a designated driver who drove them to the entrance of the acquaintance’s apartment complex. At the entrance, Park Joong Hoon dismissed the driver and drove the car himself for about 100 meters (about 328 ft) to the second floor of the underground parking lot. Park Joong Hoon’s blood alcohol level was revealed to be 0.176 percent, more than twice the amount required to suspend a driver’s license (0.08 percent).

Park Joong Hoon had previously had his license suspended in 2004 for drunk driving in the Gangnam district.

Namoo Actors released a statement in response to this report.

Hello, this is Namoo Actors.

This is our statement on the actor Park Joong Hoon.

First, we share our deep apologies for causing concern with this bad news.

On the evening of March 26, Park Joong Hoon drank with two acquaintances, and at 9 p.m., he called a designated driver service and he and his friends split into two cars and drove to the friend’s house. Once inside the apartment complex, Park Joong Hoon dismissed the designated driver at the entrance to the parking lot and he parked the car himself before falling asleep.

When the police arrived at the parking lot, Park Joong Hoon handed over his black box as requested and cooperated with the police investigation. The designated driver also testified at the investigation.

Regardless of the excuse, the agency feels deeply responsible for this issue having occurred, and the actor is in deep self-reflection. We will take care that this issue doe snot occur again.

Once again, we apologize for causing concern and disappointment to the fans who love Park Joong Hoon.

Park Joong Hoon has appeared in hit films like “Two Guys,” “Nowhere to Hide,” “Radio Star,” and “Haeundae.”

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