8 Times iKON Released Heart-Wrenching Songs

iKON undoubtedly has a rich discography. They probably have one of the biggest selections of sad and mellow tracks. With most of them being about heartbreak, one can only wonder whether the inspiration comes from a personally lived experience.

Nonetheless, their music is wholeheartedly appreciated as it touches hearts around the world and are more relatable than one would care to admit. Here are eight times iKON released heart-wrenching songs.

1. “Climax”

This track is the reason why the K-pop scene is blessed with iKON today. This tearjerker walks the audience through the endless hardships the members went through in order to make their dreams come true. It also emphasizes that while the possibility of failure is always there, it shouldn’t stop anyone from doing their best and walking regret-free.

2. “Airplane”

Long-distance relationships are hard, and iKON knows exactly how to represent the struggles of one in this track. The group speaks of painful separation at the airport, fighting tears, and questioning when the couple would ever see each other again. Everything is uncertain, but one thing is sure: both wish for one more moment to spend together before the airplane takes off.

3. “Apology”

iKON apologizes with a heavy heart for not keeping their promise to always be there for their now ex-partners. Instead, they walked away and got busy with life, which led them to abandon the relationship in the process. Heartfelt apologies are always heartbreaking for both parties.

4. “Goodbye Road”

This track vividly describes the numb phase in a relationship, where interest turns into nonchalance, and mutual hurt takes place. A breakup becomes the only healthy solution, bidding the significant other farewell as each embarks on a different path.

5. “Love Scenario”

iKON labels a love story coming to an end as a “love scenario.” This witty comparison emphasizes that all of the events of a relationship become nothing but memories in the end, just like scenes from a movie. This is a bittersweet breakup song that depicts the pain of separation before it provides a comforting conclusion.

6. “Killing Me”

iKON is the master of heartbreak, it seems, as they address the shattering aspect of moving on from a breakup. When a person decides to walk away, they don’t know how much they will be impacted by this decision. The little details, the shared moments: all of this matters and can drown people in endless sorrow.

7. “I’m Ok”

Breakups are more often than not upsetting, and iKON knows a thing or two about the loneliness that comes with it. In “I’m Ok,” they talk about not taking anyone’s comfort or pity, as they’re used to being alone and would rather stay that way than be hurt again.

8. “Why Why Why”

This song is another breakup narrative delivered by iKON. This time, the group takes the blame for not treating their significant others better and protecting their relationship when they had the chance. Now they went from being lovers to being strangers.

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Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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