Actress Song Hee Joon Apologizes After Suspicions That She Abandoned Her Dog

Actress Song Hee Joon has released a statement after she came under suspicion of having abandoned her adopted dog.

On March 27, an adoption agency wrote a post on Instagram about a dog named Monet. The adoption agency wrote, “Monet, who was adopted last year, has been returned. Of course, the fault is not with Monet. He returned this morning and his fur was tangled to the point that he had skin damage, and the groomer said that the fur on his head and ears were so tangled that there was risk of necrosis. After his grooming, his weight dropped about 100 grams (about 3.5 ounces).”

The adoption agency continued, “We are hoping to stabilize Monet by putting him back with his foster family, who took care of him before he was adopted. We are grateful to his foster family for accepting Monet again without hesitation.”

The post was quickly linked to actress Song Hee Joon, whose dog is also named Monet. She adopted the dog in September 2020 and had a separate Instagram account just for him. After she adopted him, she posted, “Don’t shop, adopt.” Because of this, people began speculating that the actress had abandoned her dog after less than a year of adoption.

On March 28, Song Hee Joon wrote a post about the issue on Instagram.

Hello, this is Song Hee Joon.

I sincerely apologize for causing many people concern.

About two months ago, a young Jindo dog arrived at the house next door, which shares a wall and yard with mine. When Monet sensed the dog’s presence, he couldn’t sleep and barked all night. As time went on, he refused to eat and even threw up what he did eat. The vet said that it was because of stress, so I decided that moving was the best option. As I searched for a new house, I sent Monet to be cared for at my parents’ house. My parents reported that Monet was eating and sleeping well and recovering his good health.

But recently my father, who is battling cancer, took a turn for the worse. As my father had to be admitted to the hospital more and more often, a friend who lives in the same apartment as my mother and often walked with her and Monet in the mornings helped take care of Monet. That friend asked if she could adopt Monet. Depending on my father’s health, I was considering moving back in with my parents, so I told the adoption agency about our current situation.

Even though I told the adoption agency about my situation and said that there was someone who wanted to take care of Monet and adopt him, the agency said that it was impossible and took him back.

Because of my immature decisions, Monet has been returned and I was not able to take full responsibility for him.

I’m so sorry toward Monet and I am also sorry to the adoption agency.

Song Hee Joon is best known for her appearance in the Netflix series “The School Nurse Files.”

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