CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa Discusses New Drama “Sell Your Haunted House” + Talks About His Teamwork With Jang Nara

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa shared his thoughts on his upcoming KBS 2TV drama “Sell Your Haunted House” and his co-star Jang Nara!

“Sell Your Haunted House” is about a real estate agent and a con artist who team up to exorcise ghosts and evil auras from haunted properties. Jang Nara stars as Hong Ji Ah, a hot-tempered exorcist and the boss of Daebak Real Estate. Jung Yong Hwa stars as Oh In Bum, a conman who doesn’t believe in ghosts but pretends to be an exorcist to make a living.

Jung Yong Hwa shared why he decided to take on this drama for his next project, saying, “I was excited because it seemed like a new genre of an exorcism drama.” Then he introduced his character Oh In Bum as “someone who gives his all today and whose innocence stands out.” He commented, “I wonder what viewers will think about him because he’s a character who will show unexpected twists as a conman, exorcist, and medium.”

The actor shared how he made an effort to faithfully portray his character. He explained, “I think I’ve seen almost all the dramas and movies involving ghosts. If you ask me, trying to understand the life of the ghost who possessed the body seems to be the most important key. Oh In Bum will likely be remembered as the most friendly and warm-hearted medium in Korean exorcism dramas.”

Jung Yong Hwa also talked about the stills involving the swimming pool scene that became a hot topic. He candidly admitted, “I’m embarrassed. All I did was focus on working out my upper body more than usual.” Then he shared he was able to safely film all the action scenes because he started to work out more after discharging from the military.

Next, Jung Yong Hwa chose the key point of the drama is his teamwork with Jang Nara. He praised his co-star for leading him on the drama set and said, “She is a veteran senior in the industry, and I think we naturally have chemistry because we discuss a lot of things and work together. I’m also looking forward to how it will be portrayed.”

Lastly, he said, “Through ‘Sell Your Haunted House,’ I will be able to show my different sides and charms. I’m working hard with the intention of surpassing my limits, so please give the drama a lot of interest.”

The production team added, “The more we see him, the more we think he is an actor who is very passionate. Please look forward to ‘Sell Your Haunted House’ where Jung Yong Hwa’s efforts to make a bold transformation will shine.”

“Sell Your Haunted House” premieres on April 14 and will be available on Viki.

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