A.C.E’s Wow To Halt Activities Due to Health Concerns

A.C.E’s agency has announced that Wow will be going on a hiatus due to health concerns.

On April 2, BEAT Interactive released an official statement announcing that Wow will be taking a break from activities and sitting out A.C.E’s promotions for their upcoming April release in order to focus on recovering his health.

The agency’s full statement is as follows:

Hello, this is BEAT Interactive.

We are making an announcement regarding the health of A.C.E member Wow (Kim Se Yoon).

Starting from last year, Wow began experiencing symptoms of psychological anxiety, depression, and panic disorder. He discussed these symptoms with us, and for over a year, he has been consistently receiving professional help and treatment, including both therapy and medication.

However, during recent preparations for [A.C.E’s] upcoming promotions for their new song, these symptoms periodically reappeared, and he is currently experiencing a great deal of psychological nervousness and anxiety about carrying out his schedule. Therefore, we had a medical specialist conduct a thorough diagnosis. As a result of the examination, the doctor advised us that [Wow] needs plenty of rest and stability for the time being.

Consequently, following discussions between Wow and the other A.C.E members, we have decided that Wow will not be participating in promotions for A.C.E’s new song that is scheduled to be released in April, and he will instead be focusing on his recovery.

We will come to a decision about the possibility of Wow’s return to activities based on medical opinion and thorough discussions with Wow about his health in the future.

Wow is currently focusing on the recovery of his health above all else, and he has already made a great deal of progress due to rest and treatment.

We believe that our artists’ health is our most important priority, and with that in mind above all else, we will communicate closely with Wow regarding his future activities.

Additionally, during his recovery period, we will temporarily only be receiving fan support for Wow in the form of letters of support.

We ask that fans show a lot of support [for Wow], and we apologize for delivering this unfortunate news.

Thank you.

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