“The Penthouse 2” Cast Shares Closing Comments And Names Most Memorable Scenes

The cast of SBS’s “The Penthouse 2” shared their final comments following the end of the drama on April 2.

“The Penthouse 2” is the second season of the hit drama centered around the Penthouse, an apartment complex reserved for those at the top of the social pyramid. It focuses on the solidarity and pursuit of revenge among a group of women who stop at nothing to protect their children.


Eugene starred as Oh Yoon Hee, who successfully carried out her revenge against Chun Seo Jin (Kim So Yeon) and Joo Dan Tae (Uhm Ki Joon). She began by thanking the viewers as she said, “Thank you to the viewers who gave me so much love from the first season up through the second season. Since we kept filming after season one without any breaks, all of the actors and staff were exhausted, but I’m glad we were able to wrap up filming safely without any incidents. I ask for everyone’s interest in season three as well.”

Eugene also selected the final helicopter scene in the first episode as her favorite. “This scene was comical but also made me feel a sense of relief and elation,” she said.

Kim So Yeon played Chun Seo Jin, who struggled in the grip of Joo Dan Tae before eventually being arrested by the police as a result of Oh Yoon Hee’s quest for revenge. She shared, “I’m so happy that it ended safely. It’s my first time taking part in a drama where the story continues over multiple seasons, and I’m so thankful I can have such a unique and meaningful experience together with such a wonderful director, writer, actors, production team, and staff.”

She continued, “I probably fell short in many aspects, but thank you so much for supporting me. I’ll greet everyone with an even better version of myself in season three.”

Kim So Yeon chose the shadow singer scene in episode two as her most memorable scene, explaining, “I tried to convey Chun Seo Jin’s complicated inner struggle, and thanks to the help of the director and staff I was able to finish the scene well.” She then added, “In episode 10 when Chun Seo Jin argues with her daughter after coming back from the police station, Choi Ye Bin‘s acting was so good. I want to give her one more round of applause.”

Lee Ji Ah created quite a stir as Shim Soo Ryeon, who took revenge by transforming into Joo Dan Tae’s hidden lover Na Ae Gyo. She said, “I’ve been so happy thanks to the warm love and support that everyone has sent throughout season one and season two. Although I felt nervous acting as both Shim Soo Ryeon and Na Ae Gyo, I also had plenty of exciting times, and I feel bittersweet about season two coming to an end. I ask for your continued interest, as I’ll be back as an even more improved actress. Thank you.”

For her favorite scene, Lee Ji Ah chose one from episode 11 where Shim Soo Ryeon and Na Ae Gyo meet. “Since many people were curious about Shim Soo Ryeon and Na Ae Gyo’s death and really anticipating their story, I ended up looking forward to filming that part and seeing it air. I remember feeling the bitter emotions between the pair who had no choice but to live as each other.”

Uhm Ki Joon gave a stellar performance as Joo Dan Tae, who committed one atrocity after another, only to later get a taste of his own medicine. The actor commented, “I’m not sure if anyone felt relief after seeing Joo Dan Tae fall. Although he was a character who did unthinkable things while chasing his ambitions, it’s a production that I have an unusual affection for. All of the actors and staff got close to each other after filming for such a long time, so I had an enjoyable time filming. I’m spending a happy time with good people. I want to thank the viewers for sending so much love throughout the first and second seasons. I hope you look forward to the third season too.”

Uhm Ki Joon was reluctant to pick a single most memorable scene as he said, “I think each scene was a memorable one. Since the writer, director, and all of the actors and staff did their best to film every moment, it’s hard to choose any one scene, so I’ll select every scene as a memorable one.”

Yoon Jong Hoon, who played Oh Yoon Hee’s husband Ha Yoon Cheol, shared, “I’m glad that together with the greatest production team and the amazing cast members we were able to safely bring ‘The Penthouse 2’ to an end. I want to give my sincere thanks to all of the viewers who gave their love to season two. I’ll prepare well and do my best for season three. Stay healthy and I’ll see you all again in season three. Thank you.”

In the role of Logan Lee was Park Eun Suk, who commented through his Instagram account, “Thank you to all of the viewers who loved ‘The Penthouse’ for all of your support. I can’t believe the first and second seasons are already over.”

He continued, “Were you really surprised? I was, too. I’m excited to see what will happen from here on out. Please show lots of love for season three. I extend my deepest thanks to writer Kim Soon Ok, director Joo Dong Min, and all of the actors, staff, and producers. I gained and learned a lot. I ask for your continued interest and support.”

Bong Tae Gyu, who played Lee Gyu Jin, began by thanking the viewers as he said, “Thank you for the great amount of love you’ve given us. I’ll work hard to prepare for season three and greet everyone again.” He continued, “Thank you to writer Kim Soon Wook, who created ‘The Penthouse.’ Also, I’d like to thank director Joo Dong Min, who looked over the set with his excellent directing. Above all else I want to share my respect and thanks for our most amazing staff. Once again, I bow my head in thanks to the viewers who sent us love.”

Playing Joo Dan Tae and Shim Soo Ryeon’s daughter Joo Seok Kyung was Han Ji Hyun, who shared, “I’m so happy and grateful for the interest in Seok Kyung that increased with each episode. I’ll take the love you’re sending now as a request to prepare well for the next season. I’m also very curious myself about how I’ll appear to everyone again, and I want to pour all of my strength into my acting since so many people are eagerly awaiting the final season.”

Kim Hyun Soo played Ha Yoon Cheol and Oh Yoon Hee’s daughter Bae Ro Na. She first commented on her character’s death scene, saying, “The day we filmed my death scene was really cold. Since it was an emotional scene it was really difficult, but thankfully I completed it without incident. My senior actors also helped me out a lot so I filmed without realizing it was difficult. I’m thankful for everyone who supported Bae Ro Na and showed pity after her death.”

She added, “I heard lots of stories about people temporarily forgetting their stress and worries while watching our drama. I’ll take a short break and show everyone an even better side of myself in season three. I hope everyone stays healthy and that you show a lot of love for season three as well.”

The drama’s production team concluded, “It’s thanks to the love sent by viewers, the passionate acting of the cast members, and the hard work of the staff that we were able to smoothly film season one and season two. Please look forward to the unfinished story of ‘The Penthouse.'”

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