SHINee Talks About Performing Without In-Person Audiences + Previews New Track At First Online Concert

On April 4, SHINee held their first-ever online concert titled “SHINee: SHINee WORLD” through Naver’s “Beyond LIVE” platform.

Because of the members’ mandatory military service, this was also SHINee’s first group concert in three years. The group opened with “Good Evening,” the title track of their sixth studio album, and continued with “Dream Girl,” “Heart Attack,” and “Married to the Music.” Other songs performed at the concert included “Hello,” “View,” “Sherlock,” “CODE,” “Everybody,” “Love Like Oxygen,” “Selene 6.23,” and “Juliette.” The group also performed their latest title track, “Don’t Call Me,” from their seventh studio album released in February,” along with b-side tracks like “I Really Want You,” “Attention,” and “Kiss Kiss.”

“Dream Girl,” “I Really Want You,” “Heart Attack,” and “Married to the Music” were performed in a new arrangement with a live band, while their song “An Encore” was rearranged through SM Classic, an SM label dedicated to classical music. “Don’t Call Me” and “Attention” were filmed through a long-take method in order to bring their performance to life to audiences all over the world. Other platform features included the use of AR (augmented reality) and XR (extended reality) and multi-cam angles.

SHINee also previewed their new title track, “Atlantis,” from their upcoming repackaged album. It is a song about the joy of discovering something new and has a different, more refreshing feel compared to the forceful vibe of “Don’t Call Me.” Taemin said, “It’s comparing the feeling of meeting someone for the first time to the unknown world of Atlantis.” Minho said, “Changmo participated in the rap verse and helped me compose the rap. I’m grateful to him for helping complete the song.”

Key shared that “Atlantis” was once considered as a possible title track before “Don’t Call Me,” but they had put it in the vault before deciding to bring it out for the repackaged album.

Key also talked about his reputation as an “ending fairy.” On music shows, cameras will typically focus on one or more members’ faces at the end of a performance, and Key became a hot topic online for coming up with creative “ending poses.” “I didn’t know that the ending fairy had so much influence,” Key said. Taemin said, “Even the Super Junior members watched the performance. Key has become the front-runner of ‘ending fairies,’ just like airport fashion.”

Fans were able to stream live video into the stadium for the concert, cheering the members on in real time, if not in person. Key said, “If we didn’t take the time to communicate like this, it would be no different from watching a DVD. I think it’s fascinating to see our light sticks appear on screen through live connection from different time zones.”

Onew said, “Now that we’re doing a concert, it feels like everyone is with us. The audience doesn’t feel as far away as I thought they would be.” Minho said, “I didn’t know this during rehearsal, but seeing the wave of light sticks, it makes me realize that communication is what completes a real concert.” Taemin said, “I felt a new kind of nervousness for an online concert. In an in-person concert, a mistake can at least amuse the audience, but an online concert has a different feel.”

Key said, “We can see everyone shaking their light sticks, so keep your energy up and keep cheering us on.” Minho said, “We want to see you all, but I think that Shawols also wanted to see us as well.” Key added, “I like that while we’re live chatting with you all, there are comments in various languages coming up in the chat.”

Key also said, “This is the first time we’re doing an XR performance. I thought all these effects would be added later, but they’re happening in real-time. With my own eyes, I can only see the stadium and the LED screens, but on the monitor, we’re in space.”

Minho said, “I saw a comment that said, ‘When it comes to concerts, it’s truly SHINee,’ so I feel like we can say that we properly tore up the stage on ‘Beyond LIVE.’ It’s not an in-person concert, but we poured all our energy into it as if it was a real concert.” Key said, “I’m happy that we can perform and meet with fans even during this time. I’m glad we could create a great stage through technology, and I’ll be satisfied if the fans were satisfied.”

Onew said, “It feels good to meet with fans again for the first time in a while. I’m happy that we can receive such cheers. I’ll try and create more opportunities to communicate with fans.” Taemin said, “Each minute and second that we spend together is precious, and I’m looking forward to the new memories we’ll make.”

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