Update: ENHYPEN Unveils Track List For “BORDER: CARNIVAL”

Updated April 16 KST:

ENHYPEN has released the track list for their upcoming mini album “BORDER: CARNIVAL”!

The mini album will consist of six tracks, including the title track “Drunk-Dazed.” Check out the full list below!

Updated April 15 KST:

ENHYPEN has released a spooky new teaser for their upcoming comeback with “BORDER: CARNIVAL”!

Check out the clip below:

Updated April 13 KST: 

ENHYPEN showcases a new concept in “UP” teasers for their comeback “BORDER: CARNIVAL”!

Updated April 10 KST:

ENHYPEN has dropped the “Down” version concept films and photos for their comeback “BORDER : CARNIVAL”!

Check out the group photos below:

Check out the individual photos and concept films below:

Updated April 7 KST:

ENHYPEN has shared their first set of concept films and photos for their upcoming comeback with “BORDER : CARNIVAL”!

Check out the concept photos and video for the group, as well as the individual photos and films for each of the seven members, below:

Updated April 5 KST:

ENHYPEN shared a teaser schedule for their upcoming album “BORDER : CARNIVAL”! See which teasers ENHYPEN has in store for fans below:

Original Article:

Mark your calendars: ENHYPEN is making their first-ever comeback!

On April 5 at midnight KST, ENHYPEN released an intriguing “Intro : The Invitation” teaser film inviting fans to join them for their return.

The rookie boy group also announced that their second mini album, “BORDER : CARNIVAL,” will be released on April 26.

Check out ENHYPEN’s dramatic new teaser film for their upcoming comeback below!

Watch ENHYPEN in the first season of their reality show “ENHYPEN&Hi” with subtitles here:

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