Kang Daniel Talks About Being A Homebody, His Mom's Unexpected Reaction To His Fame, And More

Kang Daniel appeared as a guest on the April 6 episode of KBS’s “Problem Child in House”!

On the show, Kang Daniel talked about the food he likes, his reputation for being a homebody, his mother’s hilarious reaction to his fame, and what he thinks about “ending fairies.”

Kang Daniel is known for being a homebody, even appearing on the show “It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets,” which is about celebrities who hate going out and prefer to have fun at home. He said, “Even before COVID-19, I liked being at home alone. There was a time when I didn’t leave the house for a month.” Asked what he did, he replied, “I play video games and watch movies. There are a lot of fun documentaries these days. I don’t differentiate between breakfast and lunch. If I feel sleepy watching a movie, I sleep. If I wake up and it’s bright out, I think, ‘Oh, it’s day.’ If it’s dark out, I think, ‘Oh, it’s night.’ I watch movies, eat food, and if my body feels heavy, I work out. If friends contact me to play video games together, then we play. It’s comfortable.”

He added, “If I’m resting and friends ask me if they can come over, I suggest that we meet up on the computer instead. If friends come over, then I have to clean up after them and it’s a pain.”

He shared that he likes to drink at home alone and said, “I enjoy beer and whiskey. I don’t feel well when I drink with food, so I just drink alcohol. The amount I can drink differs each time.” He added, “I like hot sauce a lot. I put it on salad and garlic bread as well. When I was seven, I was given arrowroot from a teacher and ever since then I’ve liked arrowroot too.”

About ending poses, he said, “I really hated it when the cameras caught me breathing hard at the end of a performance. I felt like I looked weird.” Jung Hyung Don commented, “It’s idols like him who created the ‘ending pose.’ We went on ‘Music Bank’ once and Defconn did the ending and he got a lot of hate.”

Kang Daniel shared that his mom is a huge fan of his, but revealed an unexpected twist. “I was watching TV with my mom,” he said. “She watched me on TV very intently, so much that she never once looked around at me who was sitting right next to her. Normally if I appear on TV, people will say, ‘Oh, is that really how you do it?’ and make comments to me. But my mom just watches me on TV and talks to herself and doesn’t talk to me at all.”

He added, “My mom once went a photo exhibition that I did to raise awareness for adopting children and she brought home three huge photos. I told her that we should put those away and she said, ‘But he’s handsome!'”

He concluded, “I think that my mom thinks that the celebrity Kang Daniel and her son Kang Daniel are completely different people.” On a heartwarming note, he said, “It was thanks to my mom that I could get through my difficult training period. Even just calling her once a week gives me a sense of healing and strength.”

Kang Daniel is gearing up for his comeback with the mini album “YELLOW.”

Check out “It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets” below!

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