Han Ji Hyun Shows Love For Her Character In “The Penthouse,” Respect For Her Co-Stars, And More

Han Ji Hyun revealed her thoughts on working with her co-stars in “The Penthouse” and the attention she is receiving for her role.

Han Ji Hyun is a rookie actress who debuted in 2019. Despite having little experience, she landed the important role of Joo Seok Kyung, Joo Dan Tae’s (Uhm Ki Joon’s) high school daughter, in “The Penthouse.” Even though she was surrounded by experienced actors, she showed bold acting that captivated viewers of the series.

However, it seemed that Han Ji Hyun was not satisfied with her acting, as she said, “I tuned in to almost all of the ‘The Penthouse 2’ episodes. I’m not a perfectionist, but while I was watching the broadcast, I thought, ‘I should have done a bit better.’ There were a lot of things I felt regretful about, but there’s nothing I can do if that was the best acting I could show at that moment. I learned a lot. I was especially surprised by the senior actors’ acting. Filming doesn’t take place in the same order as the drama’s plot, but they connected the emotions of the characters so well as if they were filming in the same order. I’m still lacking in that aspect.”

Asked how she felt about season two coming to a close, she responded, “‘The Penthouse’ still has season three coming up, so it feels like I’m on vacation right now. There’s nothing to prepare for because I still haven’t received the script, so I feel really comfortable. I’m very thankful that so many people loved it and showed lots of interest.”

In the drama’s first season, Joo Seok Kyung was a villainous character who used people’s minds to her advantage and manipulated situations and relationships between the people around her. In the second season, she stopped controlling people and instead fully revealed her rage and thirst for revenge. Though viewers hated the character, Han Ji Hyun stood by Joo Seok Kyung’s side.

She said, “I like Seok Kyung so much. I want to say, ‘Seok Kyung, do everything you want to do.’ I don’t think anyone is born evil. I think Seok Kyung turned that way because of the environment she grew up in. When I think of Seok Kyung who grew up with a father who beat her and a mother who didn’t properly give her love, I feel so bad for her. Seok Kyung has done a lot of bad things, but I want to love and understand Seok Kyung.” But Han Ji Hyun also added, “I hope Seok Kyung continues to be bad in season three. Seok Kyung hasn’t been punished enough to turn nice. Seok Kyung was always at the root of every incident. She needs to be punished for her wrongdoings.”

Among the young actors in “The Penthouse,” Han Ji Hyun has especially had several scenes with her seniors Kim So Yeon, Lee Ji Ah, Uhm Ki Joon, and others. She thanked the actors for taking care of her when she was not yet familiar with being on set, explaining that they gave her good advice and helped her practice her lines. “When I had one-on-one scenes with the senior actors, I brought out everything I had and did my best to act. I felt like I had to do that in order to match their acting skills,” she added.

The young actress revealed her thoughts on Kim So Yeon and Lee Ji Ah, saying, “I was really surprised because Kim So Yeon is so, so kind. She really paid careful attention to me. She especially showed her consideration through actions rather than words, so I was really thankful. Also, I thought Lee Ji Ah would be a very sophisticated and elegant person, but she’s very easygoing and unique. It was a very charming type of uniqueness.”

One might expect Han Ji Hyun to have found a role model after acting closely with such talented and experienced actors, but she instead revealed that she no longer had a role model. She explained, “Now that I’ve acted on set, I no longer have a role model. All of the senior actors just seemed so amazing. The way they made it to those positions is so cool. I thought, ‘How did they overcome the difficulties?’ and ‘How many great hardships did they endure to get there?’ I can only enter a filming set after I audition and pass. Each time, it’s like taking an employment examination. The competition is too high. I’m at a loss because I can’t plan out my future, but I’m doing it in the hope that it will work out some day.”

Lastly, Han Ji Hyun shared, “‘The Penthouse’ is a drama I’ll never forget. I’m really thankful.”

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